Boulder’s do-gooders manipulate the news media


By Max R. Weller

Read the latest puff piece in the Daily Camera: Once a flashpoint, Boulder housing for chronically homeless marks 1st year with few problems. Quoting from it below:

The 31-unit, $8 million facility opened its doors in November 2014 after overcoming intense neighborhood opposition. Many north Boulder residents believed the facility would become a magnet for the kind of unsavory behavior they said already afflicted the area due to the presence of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless just to the north.

Many opponents were skeptical about the Housing First model, which does not require participants to be sober or address mental health or other issues in order to receive housing, and others worried that by locating housing right next to the existing homeless shelter, participants would be less likely to leave behind old friends with problematic behaviors.

In a study of the first year of operation, though, Boulder Housing Partners, which owns and manages 1175 Lee Hill, found that neighbors had not placed a single call to the police about the facility or its residents, nor had they made any complaints to property management.

Here’s the comment I left on BHP’s Facebook page, where they posted this so-called study:

“There were no calls to the police from the neighborhood related to Lee Hill or its residents. Likewise, BHP, the property manager and owner of Lee Hill, received no complaints from the neighborhood.” WTF? Who do you think you’re kidding? I don’t own a cell phone, but I had to ask others who do to call 9-1-1 several times because of drunken HF residents who were creating problems in the area around N. Broadway & Laramie, the entrance to the Dakota Ridge neighborhood. You can tell all the WHOPPERS you like, but those of us who live in north Boulder know the TRUTH. And I’ve frequently made verbal complaints to staff at BSH regarding specific troublemakers at 1175 Lee Hill, right next door. And how do you explain Case Manager Chris Byrne actually standing on the corner of U.S. 36 with Donna helping her fly a sign, right before you finally woke up and threw her butt out?

BTW, this same comment I left on the BSH Facebook page was deleted.

It’s all of a piece, anyway, the Homeless Ghetto which has been created in this neighborhood. If 9-1-1 dispatchers in their call logs and police officers in their written reports record the address as 4869 N. Broadway — even if a specific incident occurs next door at 1175 Lee Hill — it’s just ingrained habit from the almost-daily emergency responses made to this area. I’m not going to pay the city for their hours of research, at something like $30/hour, to try and separate it all out. When I’m present in the neighborhood, I’ve seen with my own eyes that Boulder PD responds to the Housing First facility itself, and for calls about HF clients elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Those of you who follow this blog know how often I’ve written about the problems these do-gooders are enabling . . .

All of which brings me to the point of today’s post. Continuing excerpt from the Daily Camera report:

Gail Promboin, a longtime north Boulder resident who strongly opposed locating the facility so close to the homeless shelter, attributes the success in part to the participation of former opponents on the advisory committee that developed the management policies.

Promboin, who continues to serve on a neighborhood advisory council to 1175 Lee Hill, said she was “totally surprised” by how well things have gone. But when asked if she was wrong to oppose it, she conceded she was “partially wrong.”

“I was partially wrong, and partially, we made them focus very clearly on the challenge of having that facility right next to the shelter,” she said.

She praised Boulder Housing Partners for working with neighbors and designing an attractive building. A mural of a hot air balloon by north Boulder artist Sally Eckert graces the Broadway side of the building.

“For people who are new to the neighborhood, I don’t think they know what it is because they keep a low profile, and there is no reason to know,” she said.

Here’s what I posted to my own Facebook page:

The news media keeps referring to Gail Promboin as a critic of Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill, who lives nearby. Here’s a picture of Gail (L) together with Betsey Martens (R), the executive director of Boulder Housing Partners, at the groundbreaking ceremony for this project — and they’re all smiles.


Should we be surprised? I doubt Gail has ever seen one of the pickled idjits from either Housing First or Boulder Shelter right next door, passed out in a ditch belonging to the Dakota Ridge HOA.

I think she might have been a plant — someone who pretended to be opposed but was then “won over” by the wonderful work of the do-gooders.

I’ve never seen a crowd like this show up to help pick up empty beer cans and vodka bottles left behind by their chronically homeless little darlings — it’s usually just me and a laborer or two from the small commercial district in the 4900 block of N. Broadway.

Here are the links to just seven of my blog posts on Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill in general, and its cast of characters in particular:

Donna the homeless drama queen at N. Broadway & Laramie Blvd.

There’s a better way than the 1175 Lee Hill boondoggle.

1175 Lee Hill case manager ‘helps’ aggressive panhandling client at N. Broadway & U.S. 36.

Let’s review the true costs.

Boulder Housing Partners: greedy bastards.

“Sexually Violent Predator” returns to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Quoting from this blog post below:

True, because HUD funds are involved in the 1175 Lee Hill boondoggle, a registered sex offender like Kerry Whitfield won’t be eligible for housing there — but he’ll be right next door at 4869 N. Broadway (BSH) with as many as a dozen others. It’s all a part of the Homeless Ghetto being created in north Boulder.

Thanks to the homeless shelter/services industry, my north Boulder neighborhood is going to HELL.

Maybe when I return to this neighborhood in a short while, and begin camping outside once again, I’ll see Betsey Martens and Gail Promboin with trash bags in hand, picking up empty beer cans and vodka bottles. More likely they’ll just keep pretending that everything is peachy keen, and I’ll be picking up the bums’ trash myself . . .


3 thoughts on “Boulder’s do-gooders manipulate the news media

  1. Mark Miller

    I agree it’s a puff piece. HF didn’t “overcome” neighborhood opposition. It was already a done deal by the time the neighborhood found out about it. There was plenty of opposition, but what they were told was, “We’ll sit and pretend to listen to you, but you’re too late to stop it.” The residents of Lee Hill were not worried that tenants of HF would pick up bad habits, that I remember. What they said was the city was gentrifying North Boulder, putting all homeless services there, rather than following Denver’s model of spreading it equally around the city. The residents of Lee Hill made serious efforts to suggest alternate sites, which made this affair painful to watch, because the city wasn’t going to change its mind.

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      I applied for and was picked to sit on the of the groups from the neighborhood that considered different aspects of HF at 1175 Lee Hill; I was, of course, the token homeless person. Neither Betsey Martens nor Greg Harms had the least interest in engaging with someone like me who knows the situation firsthand, so I was NOT selected for the permanent advisory group. LOL!

      It’s all of a piece — and nothing could be more disingenuous than stating that (per HUD rules) registered sex offenders are not housed at 1175 Lee Hill, when there are more that twenty of ’em right next door at 4869 N. Broadway.


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