Transients’ snow day; why are they here?


By Max R. Weller


Photo posted by “randomdancer” to the Daily Camera website, following this story:

‘Cold weather and cold feet’: Boulder County’s homeless seek shelter from the storm

The problem with randomdancer is twofold, as I see it: 1) He acknowledges that he continues to use Community Table and other Free Giveaway venues, so he’s NOT really self-reliant as he pretends; and 2) He foolishly believes that there is an employer willing to hire Drunk Guy pictured above, and also a landlord willing to rent an apartment to him. ROTFLMAO! On what planet, randomdancer?

The short-term solution is for Boulder PD and local nonprofits to offer the $5 bus tickets on RTD heading back to Denver, along with a sack lunch and a bottle of water to-go. In the longer term, these nonprofits must REQUIRE valid photo ID showing a Boulder County address from anyone seeking shelter/services; as word spreads through the nationwide homeless people’s grapevine, Boulder will no longer be mistakenly regarded as the Big Rock Candy Mountain for wandering bums.

Spending well over $10M to house only 79 homeless men and women out of the hundreds here in Boulder County is insane, but that’s what has happened with Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill (31 residents) and Ready to Work transitional housing at 4747 Table Mesa (48 clients). For the dollars already squandered on these grandiose projects, every single homeless adult might have found permanent residence in several Tiny House Communities located at various sites in the county:


It is painfully obvious to the Homeless Philosopher that no significant progress can be made until the current nonprofits’ leadership — greedy executive directors and clueless board members alike — is replaced and a fundamental rebuilding of the approach to homelessness takes place. Rather than More Homeless People = More Money, the creed of the nonprofits should be Working to House Everyone and Put Ourselves Out of Business.


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