These March blizzards are reason enough for transients to stop coming to Boulder, CO


By Max R. Weller

Amanda Curry shovels her sidewalk with her dog Tonka in Boulder on March 18, 2016.

Amanda Curry shovels her sidewalk with her dog Tonka in Boulder on March 18, 2016. (Paul Aiken / Staff photographer)

Read the report in the Daily Camera, NOT that it provides any good explanation for the blizzard forecast yesterday to strike the Plains east of Denver to have instead backed up all the way to Boulder, forty miles to the northwest.

I’m safe and comfortable indoors in Longmont, although the lights are blinking at times, and it wouldn’t be surprising for the power to be interrupted.

But to the subject at hand: With a finite amount of resources available, priority must be given to those homeless people who can show valid photo ID with a Boulder County address. Transients from elsewhere could be provided with the $5 bus tickets on RTD headed back to Denver, a city which has far greater amounts of help due to its much higher population. To help them on their way, Boulder PD and local nonprofits might also hand out sack lunches and bottles of water to-go as the “Travelers” board the buses leaving town. Animals in their possession — which are almost never service animals in the strict sense — should be taken to the Humane Society if their owners cannot provide for their needs and RTD won’t allow them to board.


To be brutally honest, the first-come, first-served intake policy of Bridge House, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow, and others who pretend to do good works is really all about $$$. More Homeless People = More Money and what they’re doing amounts to an Endless Plan to Promote Homelessness.

It must end, if Boulder County’s homeless are ever going to have a real chance at permanent housing. Of course, the best way to accomplish that is a Tiny House Community:


This blog post will be e-mailed to Boulder City Council,


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