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Something a little different today, as I’m tired of the same old Denver/Boulder 10-Year Plan to End Address Promote Homelessness.

1) Kingston the Greyhound looked in his food bowl this morning, found his regular kibble, then looked up as if to say, “Where’s my Special Diet of ground beef and boiled rice?” I laughed at him; I’m NOT the human who feeds him. A while later I heard a should-have-been-familiar clattering sound from the kitchen . . . Sure enough, Kingston was again licking the butter dish clean.

Today is the day the veterinary surgeon advises on what should be done with Kingston’s broken toe. It’s an outside toe on a front leg, not at all vital, so it might just be amputated. Hard to get angry at him for anything.


2) I was wondering if Iditarod rules allow for the carry of firearms, and someone on the Alaska Dispatch News website posted the link to this article from Guns & Ammo magazine: Guns of The Iditarod Trail.

3) If only the Republicans had a good candidate for POTUS, instead of an impostor working to elect Hillary and a couple others most voters have never heard of before, the GOP could be in a position to reform the federal government for the next generation and beyond. It’s sad that a capable Speaker is standing on the bridge of a sinking ship . . . Watch video.

4) A more suitable headline would be: “Hysteria triumphs over all available scientific evidence” but this is, after all, the Boulder Bubble that the rest of the world ridicules. Read Boulder County to phase out GMO crops on county-owned lands in the Daily Camera.

Do you think the Boulder County Commissioners might favor growing “organic” marijuana on public lands here? Never mind that it would be an egregious violation of FEDERAL law, it would be hip and trendy! Isn’t that what matters most?

5) There’s something to be said for aspiring to an old-fashioned virtue.

On the other hand, deadly STDs are self-limiting in scope as the most promiscuous die off, thus slowing the transmission by sexual means. Remember thirty years ago, when we were reliably informed that half the world’s population would be infected with HIV, and eventually most of them would succumb to AIDS? Better screening of blood donations and better judgment by most people in terms of choosing partners put a stop to any chance of that doomsday scenario.

Of course, there’s a segment of our society that ignores common sense:


Addendum: I do sometimes get positive comments here from my worldwide audience, and I’d like to share this one from “HiTekCamper”:

I enjoy reading your blog so much truth and insight. I will make this a daily reading to my news reading. Thank you for your blog and keep up the good work.

That’s all for now, folks.



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