‘Donald Trump’s nonsense on the Republican convention’

Read the editorial in the Denver Post. Copied below in its entirety:

In his typically delicate style, Donald Trump warned this week there could be “riots” if the Republican convention fails to “automatically” nominate him even though he has the most delegates. The warning is no doubt the first of many we’ll hear from him if it looks as though he’ll end up coming up short.

He may be right about the riots — although we highly doubt it; this isn’t 1968 — but he’s clearly wrong about the legal and moral obligation of party delegates once they fulfill their duty on the first ballot (in most cases). Their obligation at that point is to the welfare of the party, and America, not Trump. (Emphasis is mine — MRW).

Now it may be that Trump won’t need a second ballot by the time he arrives in Cleveland in July. But the math is close. “If Mr. Trump continues to pick up delegates at the rate he has won them so far,” The New York Times reports, “he will finish with about 1,148 — 89 short of the majority needed to lock up the nomination.”

Even if he is that close, delegates would be fools not to survey the political landscape before throwing in with Trump. Do the polls still show him being beaten easily by Hillary Clinton, as they do now, in contrast to the other two remaining GOP candidates?

Has he started acting with the dignity and self-control Americans expect of their chief executive? Has he cut out the flippant insults? Has he bothered to educate himself on difficult topics with real experts or is he still the shallow narcissist, insisting he’s consulting “with myself, number one,” as he did as recently as this week?

Has he apologized for his many demeaning comments over the years regarding women and for describing Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and lowlifes?

Or is he the same Donald Trump we see today?

If he’s the same Trump, delegates will have to weigh the prospect of angering his voters — who constitute a minority of Republicans — against the possibility of choosing someone more presidential.

It shouldn’t be a hard choice.

Failing to gain the Republican nomination, Trump will be free to run as a third party candidate. Reaching back into American history for a suitable name, if it comes to that, how about the Know-Nothing party?




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