‘In this rigged system, every vote is wasted’

Read the letter-to-editor of the Longmont Times-Call. Copied below in its entirety:

In response to Sharie Lee’s assertion that a vote for Snoopy is shameful, I must counter that a vote for anyone is meaningless. My vote is meaningless. Your vote is meaningless. To believe otherwise is to play into a carefully crafted delusion. Delegates were “pledged” (bought) long before this election began, and the vote of the American people has — for many election cycles now — absolutely zero bearing on the final result.

So why bother having the election? This intriguing bit of theater exists solely to manipulate Americans into believing they can make a difference when in reality the strings of big money have set the stage, built the props, and written the script to delude the people into not only allowing it to happen, but actually paying for it. In the end, the media giants laugh all the way to the bank, having once again manipulated an entertainment-over-progress focused population to do their bidding willingly and with zeal.

Which makes you wonder: Why would a candidate go through all this theater only to fail? Easy. They’re spending your money and will get a lot more of it as long as they can keep you in the dark. Do not be fooled, the Electoral College will choose Clinton in a landslide, not because it’s the will of the people but because she can create the greatest amount of chaos that will line the pockets of the media moguls for years to come. In fact, I’m betting that Donald Trump — a lifelong Democrat and a genuinely disingenuous person — as the leading Republican candidate is a carefully crafted plot point in the script. (Emphasis is mine — MRW).

I will not be a part of it. Shameful is not voting for Snoopy. Shameful is blindly playing the pawn in a system that seeks only to maintain the status quo of corruption and collusion at the expense of We the People.

Kevin King


Wish I could disagree with the premise of this letter, but it seems spot on to me:




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