In front of Old Chicago restaurant in downtown Boulder, CO


Photo posted by “randomdancer” on the Daily Camera website and downloaded from there, text of meme added by the Homeless Philosopher

In the eight years I’ve lived in our city as a homeless man, NEVER have I made a spectacle of myself like the characters in this photo.

Not only is sleeping on concrete very cold and uncomfortable, it’s UNNECESSARY because there are always soft, grassy areas out of sight nearby . . . The homeless people above, and those who enable them, are just giving the finger to society in general and to the City of Boulder in particular.

The answer is to turn them away from receiving shelter/services here — unless they can show a valid photo ID with a Boulder County address. Far better for the police and local nonprofits alike to hand them each the $5 bus tickets on RTD back to Denver, along with a sack lunch and a bottle of water to-go.


Note: This blog post e-mailed to Boulder City Council —


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