‘City begins clearing Denver homeless camps downtown’


By Max R. Weller

Read the report in the Denver Post. Excerpt copied below:

Homeless people and their advocates screamed obscenities Tuesday as public works crews cleared away camps where many of the homeless have been living.

Denver police stood by, receiving their share of abuse.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourselves,” they called out as work crews bagged the belongings of those who either weren’t there to protect them or couldn’t carry away everything they owned.

City workers descended in force on the area, with police cars, a garbage truck and a flat-bed truck stocked with receptacles in which belongings were collected.

But within hours of the sweep’s completion, one camp had already been resurrected across the street from the Samaritan House Homeless Shelter at Lawrence Street and Park Avenue West.

Homeless woman gather belongings

A homeless woman gathers her belongings before Denver Police and Public Works personnel begin to clear camps near Samaritan House on Tuesday afternoon, March 8, 2016. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

Denver taxpayers have spent literally tens of millions of $$$ to either “end” or to “address” homelessness since the days of Mayor Hickenlooper, and the result is plain to see: More Homeless People Than Ever Before.

This is no accident, in my view — it’s the homeless shelter/services industry’s creed in operation: More Homeless People = More Money.

These nonprofit scammers, executive directors and board members alike, should be hauled before a Grand Jury, and indicted for Fraud. In the meantime, people, stop donating to these corrupt organizations!

Frankly, any person who thinks logically will realize that these homeless people and their self-styled advocates do NOT need to be creating anarchy, when all they need to do is to camp out away from the public eye and stop all of their misbehavior that brings them to the attention of the authorities. I’ve done it for years in Boulder, and NEVER have I received a ticket for any petty offense.

I guess it’s hip and trendy to give society the finger, but in the end you will lose. I’ve got better ways to spend my time as a homeless man . . .


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