‘Hypocrite’ defined:


By Max R. Weller

What can I say about this character who calls himself “randomdancer” on the Daily Camera website? First, I’ll let him speak for himself, by copying his comments following this DC report:

“Harrison said there are a variety of reasons homeless people don’t go to court. They might forget what day it is, or they might not have anywhere to leave their backpacks, which can’t pass through the court’s metal detectors without the person losing necessary items like forks or pocket knives. They might be scared to go to court because they have other outstanding warrants, or they might not care.”

For someone with a job and residence, NONE of these are valid reasons for missing a court date. Just sayin’.

I agree that attorney David Harrison is full of it; the only time I went to Municipal Court — in support of my friend, Sally (not her real name), who had a complaint for Harassment against “Denver King” (he didn’t show up, and a bench warrant for Failure to Appear was issued) — my backpack containing items considered to be contraband was kept by deputies on duty, until I was ready to leave the premises. No problem at all for anybody, least of all ME.

Here’s where “randomdancer” gives himself away, as the complete impostor and hypocrite he truly is:

I was just at the Community Table dinner this evening. Do you have any idea how many of those guys eat dinner, then go outside and get high, right on church property? “Too stoned to get a job” is not an excuse to camp in the park.

He claims to have a job and a residence, but he’s EATING FOR FREE at one of Boulder’s do-gooder venues. His job must really pay poorly, and maybe he’s in some sort of “transitional housing” that is only temporary, but clearly he shouldn’t be on any high horse and portraying himself as a success by society’s standards.

The Homeless Philosopher doesn’t receive any of these benefits, nor does he want to be lectured to by any holier-than-thou dependent of the corrupt shelter/services industry. GET A REAL JOB AND A REAL HOME OF YOUR OWN AND PAY FOR YOUR OWN FOOD — then you can look down on my ascetic lifestyle, and criticize my friends and acquaintances who help me directly out of the kindness of their hearts (not through compulsory taxation or donations to so-called nonprofits).

As to this silly article, once again Boulder City Council seems to be missing the point: Tiny House Communities and officially designated tent cities are both options used elsewhere for homeless residents, NOT transients who happen to show up from other parts of the country.

As I’ve said before, Boulder’s self-styled homeless advocates do NOT speak for me NOR do they speak for the majority of homeless folks — who aren’t being ticketed or arrested or generating complaints to the police at any time.


WTF? But, the news media loves these yahoos!


2 thoughts on “‘Hypocrite’ defined:

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Interesting. As for me, I’ve given up any desire for the material possessions that I once enjoyed in abundance. The subject of that piece seems rather well-off by comparison . . . LOL!


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