‘Bernie Sanders may not have won Colorado after all’

Read the report in the Denver Post. Quoting from it below:

Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by a margin of 19 percentage points in Colorado caucus straw polls this week, but the delegate count is starting to tell a different story.

Clinton now looks likely to tie the Vermont senator 38-38 in the state’s delegate count, according to projections from The Denver Post, Bloomberg Politics and The Associated Press. That includes a potential 38-28 split in Sanders’ favor in projections based on Tuesday’s preference poll results, plus 10 superdelegates (out of 12) who have committed to Clinton, the former secretary of state.

The potential for a split decision or worse for Sanders stands in stark contrast to celebrations by his supporters across Colorado on Tuesday night.

Sanders rallied Colorado Democrats in a big way, drawing on young voters, passionate liberals and, the campaign says, big support from Latinos.

As an independent who leans to the GOP, I’d sum it up this way:




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