A brief personal note:

I can’t help but chuckle at the yahoos who seem to believe they’ll be able to censor me. Today, due to circumstances not of my choosing, I’ve focused on directing comments to the Denver Post, Longmont Times-Call, and the Colorado Daily (in Boulder) rather than the Daily Camera. Many more hits to my blog than usual have resulted.

What’s really a hoot is to discover that “randomdancer” — one of the most self-righteous critics I’ve encountered on the DC website — is actually still going to Bridge House and other free giveaway venues (places I never visit) and admitting he can’t afford to support himself in Boulder with his menial job, but nonetheless pretending that he’s more responsible than the Homeless Philosopher. “Randomdancer” is just another parasitic bum with delusions of adequacy, and he calls ME a hypocrite. But, that’s one of Isabel McDevitt’s talking points, I guess . . .

I’d be a hypocrite if I did as he does — sucking at the teat of Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry — while I continued to criticize it. Since I’m NOT dependent on any taxpayer-funded social services NOR on any private nonprofits, I’m absolutely free to take them to task in the harshest way.

As to the other character who leaves comments here that he knows darn well will never be published, I think Jed Clampett said it best:




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