Comment from ‘BoulderLady’

Copied here in its entirety, just a short while after I saw it in my moderation basket:

The employees of the Bridge House and Isabelle (sic) McDevitt need to be looked into. People should NOT DONATE to Bridge House anything of value, since it will most likely never get to an actual homeless person in need. All the good stuff goes directly to the employees/staff and the same with the food that gets donated. It’s very sad, but true that there are no employees within that so-called Non-Profit that have a passion for their jobs. Most of the employees are on a power trip, lack any compassion, take items that belong to those in need, blatantly discriminate, and all while collecting a salary with all the money that is thrown at the homeless situation. Non-profits that supposedly serve the homeless in Boulder serve themselves by lining their pockets with money. I am homeless in this community and I have seen the worst examples of the do-gooders, enablers, and advocates for the homeless participate in a never-ending cycle of being homeless. Homelessness in Boulder = Profitability for Non-Profits = Never-Ending Cash Cow.

I appreciate hearing from someone willing to step up and speak the truth! Thank you, BoulderLady, whoever you are . . .



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