Boulder, CO’s do-gooders enable misery and death of the homeless

The unspoken and unwritten creed of “homeless advocates” in Boulder, CO: MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY.


(Be advised, I pull no punches with this post).

By Max R. Weller

Isabel McDevitt, executive director of Bridge House

Read about the latest homeless death here in Boulder in the Daily Camera; a subsequent DC report identifies the man as 27-year-old Daniel Kitlitz. Quoting from the original article:

A homeless man estimated to be between 25 and 35 years old was found dead early Saturday a short distance from the Pearl Street Mall.

This marks the fifth homeless person to be found dead in Boulder since the beginning of April.

This is where Ms. McDevitt jumps in with her two cents:

According to homeless advocate Isabel McDevitt, executive director of Boulder’s Bridge House, the death of yet another homeless person is a reminder that a solution is needed to the city’s current lack of year-round sheltering and affordable housing.

“I think it’s shocking that in a community as progressive…

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