Jan Otto: Another clueless do-gooder in Boulder, CO


By Max R. Weller

Read his guest opinion in the Daily Camera. My online reply is copied below:

Sometimes, I just have to wonder at the true motivation of people who portray things without regard to reality. It’s NOT compassion, of that I’m sure.

Free giveaway venues abound here in Boulder County, CO offering sleeping bags and other camping gear, winter clothing and boots, more food on a daily basis than anyone can eat, and if any homeless man or woman is so very much under the influence they might freeze to death concerned citizens will call 9-1-1, and the paramedics and law enforcement will respond quickly to transport the inebriate to detox or the ER. BTW, I’ve seen it done dozens of times over the past few years in my north Boulder neighborhood, and have even asked neighbors to call because I don’t own a cell phone myself.

In fact, the last death of a homeless person due to “environmental hypothermia” as determined by the coroner occurred around the middle of September, 2014 during a freak snowstorm; that man was a registered sex offender from Florida, and I admit I shed no tears for him. Otherwise, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (with their network of congregations who provide space) seem to be doing yeoman’s work in preventing such deaths by exposure. Many homeless people, like me, find an alternative during wintertime and stay with friends and/or we’ve learned how to obtain enough camping gear and warm clothing to survive even in zero-degree conditions with many inches of snow on the ground.

Crimes against humanity, Jan Otto? Please, get a grip!



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