‘Public money for Colorado kids with disabilities goes toward lobbying’

Read the report in the Denver Post. Excerpt copied below:

Nearly $600,000 in public funds for people with developmental disabilities instead goes to a trade association whose lobbying at the state Capitol has resulted in a contentious relationship with parents of children with disabilities.

Parents whose young or adult children have developmental and intellectual delays have simmered for years knowing that lobbyists receive a portion of government funds dispensed for therapy, respite care, wheelchair ramps and bathroom renovations.

Their anger hit a flashpoint after a recent Denver audit found that one of Colorado’s 20 community-centered boards that manage federal, state and city tax dollars for the disabled was paying its director $478,000 in salary and benefits and funding Costco membership and home Internet for employees.

The boards are not subject to open-records laws and over the years have denied families’ requests for financial information, although each board receives 82 to 94 percent of its budget from public dollars.


I recommend that you carefully read the entire article linked to above. Lots of crooked stuff going on all over the place, as the most vulnerable among us — whether it’s the poor, or the homeless, or the disabled — are being exploited by those who pretend to be do-gooders.




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