Democratic Socialism?


Copied below is a comment to a previous post here, and it’s interesting enough that I’ve decided to feature it in today’s blog entry. I have no idea of the true identity of this person, but here is his idea:

By William Nawn

The notion of implementing a Socialist Work Institution like CCC, ventures too close to delivering a solution to gain political support. You, of all people, understand that there’s too much money involved to introduce objective reason or effectual change. A major shift from fossil fuel, with an emphasis on mass production of solar panels, would put most every reasonably able bodied person in this country to work in a year. Think of the manpower required to manage a project of this magnitude. The demand for bench techs to electrical engineers to battery design to field workers to instructors.

The Government already mandates useless programs and assigns pathetic tasks for people receiving G.A and Food Stamps. Most seem to find a way to worm out of it. Which, sadly, is just as well seeing that it only cost taxpayers more money to sustain these counterproductive programs.

But, then again, you know this, Max.

The hypothetical solar energy project that I proposed falls under the principles of democratic socialist ideology. There are too many closed minded people in this nation that can’t even grasp the understanding that Democratic Socialism is NOT Marxism, to take hold of the notion that raising the indigent to a place of self sufficiency benefits all members of society.

But then, at the end of the day, perhaps society needs the homeless and the indigent to drive the fear which motivates the working poor. Who knows? Maybe a few even slow down and throw a buck or two your way and say to themselves ‘But by the Grace of God, there go I’. Or maybe they’ve read your blog and they throw you a granola bar.


It seems to me that socialism is incompatible with freedom as we in America have come to understand it, and the whole solar energy industry is a hugely expensive undertaking with little to show so far, except as a Feel Good undertaking by wealthy homeowners. BTW, please don’t offer me granola bars; my molars are not in good enough condition to chew anything made of sawdust, sand, and other similar ingredients.



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