‘Greedy nonprofits scheming for funding’ would be a better headline

From a year ago; I wonder what happened with this con game — are gullible investors in Denver now being scammed? I’m a bit surprised we haven’t heard about it being set up here in Boulder.



By Max R. Weller

Read Denver homeless initiative would be latest to tap social impact bonds in the Denver Post. In the wake of Denver’s FAILED 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, which has resulted in more homeless people on the streets than ever (despite some of the “chronically homeless” being moved into hugely expensive housing), the crooked folks running the homeless shelter/services industry — including both private nonprofits and government agencies — have developed a new brand of Snake Oil, which they hope to peddle to a gullible public. Quoting from the article:

In the dry and wonky world of municipal finance, a new way for state and local governments to pay for the rapid expansion of social service programs — from Massachusetts and New York to Chicago, Salt Lake City and now Denver — is gathering steam and turning heads.

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