I call it as I see it, without apology

From a year ago, but just as relevant today:



By Max R. Weller


In his case, I wouldn’t waste my time.

We all understand that I’m sort of HOMELESS ENEMY NUMBER ONE to a certain segment of the transient population hanging around Bridge House, Pearl Street Mall, University Hill, Boulder Creek Path/Central Park, and Boulder Public Library’s Main Branch.

But, they seem to forget that controversy creates even more interest in websites; that certainly holds true for mine. In a way, it’s gratifying that they are unable to dispute my views on homelessness here in Boulder by USING FACTS, and must instead resort to irrelevant personal history from well over a decade ago.

C’est la vie . . .

I’ve consistently advocated that Boulder, CO’s homeless shelter/services providers should help only those homeless folks who are Boulder County residents (with documentation to prove it).

This is what they do in…

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