Boulder, CO ignores “tiny houses” for the homeless

Worth repeating this post, in view of another recent overpriced “transitional living” project costing millions of dollars by Bridge House, this one for a scant forty-eight individuals.


(Originally published on May 1, 2013. I’ve e-mailed this post to Boulder City Council and the City Manager this morning.)

By Max R. Weller

I’ve mentioned this concept several times in the past, but it’s worth repeating. Here’s one plan, which dovetails perfectly with Boulder’s (alleged) concerns about homelessness and the environment. Truly cost effective, compared to the 1175 Lee Hill Housing First debacle which is costing well over $6 million before a single one of the 31 units is occupied.

According to the 2012 MDHI Point-in-Time Report, there are 750 homeless people on the streets in this city (2013 results for area cities, from the count in January, will be released sometime this summer).

Clearly, if the goal is to provide housing for as many of Boulder’s homeless residents as possible, it makes NO SENSE to provide only 31 chronically homeless, single adult alcoholics/drug addicts (having a…

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