Tips to avoid being dehumanized as a homeless person

“It is not inequality which is the real misfortune, it is dependence.” — Voltaire



By Max R. Weller

I’ve found these to be useful in my own life as the Homeless Philosopher here in Boulder, CO since early 2008, and I think they would serve anyone well no matter how long or how short a time they find themselves homeless.

> STAY CLEAN AND SOBER. Everyday challenges are so much easier to deal with when you keep all of your wits about you, and in wintertime it could even save your life.

> RESPECT YOURSELF, RESPECT OTHERS, AND RESPECT THE COMMUNITY IN WHICH YOU LIVE. It’s also expressed in the Golden Rule, and makes life much easier by greatly reducing conflicts with those around you.

> PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE DAILY. Yes, I certainly know firsthand that depression can lead one to neglect this, but pushing through that wall by taking a hot shower and putting on clean clothes…

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