‘Cuomo Orders That Homeless Be Taken to Shelter in Freezing Weather’


By Max R. Weller


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Read the story in the New York Times by clicking here. Excerpt follows:

As an Arctic front barreled toward the New York City region, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed an executive order requiring local governments across the state to take homeless people off the streets to shelters in freezing temperatures.

The order, which goes into effect early Tuesday, requires local governments to remove homeless people by force, if necessary, once the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below. The governor’s order says that to protect public safety, “the state can take appropriate steps, including involuntary placement.”

“It’s about love. It’s about compassion. It’s about helping one another and basic human decency,” Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, [said].

Makes me want to puke . . .

Obviously, Andrew Cuomo has no idea at all what wretched conditions prevail inside homeless shelters, and readers of this blog need look no farther than Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow. Snoring, farting, yelling and fighting during nightmares, foot and body odor, stealing, aggressive behavior including physical assaults, etc.

Is this the point where do-gooders — like Andrew Cuomo — become complete idiots? I think so. I’ve spent many nights outdoors with temps well below freezing and several inches of snow; in March of 2009, I was camping out when 23″ of a heavy, wet snow fell overnight. With the proper clothing (including thermal underwear) and gear (tarps, cold-weather sleeping bags, several blankets/comforters), you can not only survive but stay warm and enjoy restful sleep.

The most important thing is to STAY SOBER — and I’ve always favored the authorities scraping up the drunkards and taking them to detox, but that’s something that needs to be done regardless of the weather conditions, in order to cut down on all kinds of mischief and even violent crime committed by pickled idjits. Remember, there is no so-called constitutional right to be drunk and stupid in public.

I can confidently predict that lawsuits will be filed, huge out-of-court settlements will be paid to homeless litigants, and this absurd (if not scary) executive order will be rescinded in fairly short order.

Addendum: It will be interesting to see just WHO is a real civil libertarian here in Boulder, CO in light of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s overreaching executive order to take homeless people in that state to so-called shelters BY FORCE (if necessary). Sort of like what FDR did to Japanese-American citizens, shipping them off to internment camps. I suspect that Boulder do-gooders would be more than happy to see such a fascist order issued in Colorado — so long as they were given more money for packing in more homeless people.


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