Boulderite wants 10,000 Syrian refugees to settle here!


Syrian refugees landing in Greece

By Max R. Weller

Read the story in the Daily Camera; it’s unfortunately for real: Boulder City Council eyes broad ‘inclusivity’ declaration. Quoting from the febrile musings below:

Boulder City Councilwoman Lisa Morzel said council members had been contacted earlier this fall by Boulder resident Susan Wortman, who is also development director for Clinica Family Health in Lafayette.

Moved by dire headlines from the Mideast, and citing a photograph of a Syrian 3-year-old washed up on a Turkish beach,  Wortman wrote — speaking for herself, not her employer (emphasis is mine — MRW)that “10,000 immigrants need to move to a specific town, into a home with a real address. Why not Boulder?”

Wortman added that she and her husband could host a refugee family short-term and proposed that Boulder is well-positioned to help some of the Syrians. “If Boulder does take up this sponsorship, I think we should challenge every other city in the United States to do the same,” Wortman wrote.

Okay, she’s backing off her statement that Boulder needs to accommodate all 10,000, I guess that was just left-wing hyperbole, perhaps fueled by one too many glasses of yuppie wine and a bit of weed . . . If not 10,000 Syrian refugees does she mean 1,000 or 100 or how many?

The most obvious PROBLEM is that Boulder, CO is unable now to house the hundreds of transients from Denver and elsewhere — many of whom are bad actors and consume a disproportionate share of available shelter/services. What’s alarming is that Morzel and Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones are taking this harebrained idea for Obama’s refugees seriously. Granted, a so-called declaration has no legal force and is little more that a Feel Good gesture. Even so, these folks are NUTS.

Well, what the Hell — Ms. Wortman wants to take in stray people, that choice is hers. From a Google search, here’s her address:

Susan M. Wortman

2887 Tincup Circle

Boulder, CO 80305

Susan, I hope you get lots of responses to your kind offer of sanctuary! And I trust that you’ll have a criminal background check done for every adult refugee you invite into your home.

Addendum: Maybe Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones should pay more attention to her day job as executive director of Eco-Cycle, and less attention to grandstanding about world issues: Boulder County’s Eco-Cycle in a slump, as losses mount and markets shift.

Odd, isn’t it? This info about Suzanne Jones was NOT reported before the elections for Boulder City Council earlier this month . . .


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