Transients to be served beer and wine at Boulder Library’s Canyon Theater


By Max R. Weller

No, I’m NOT making this up; Boulder library to launch art house cinema in Canyon Theater in the Daily Camera tells the story. Quoting from the article below:

The Boulder Public Library plans to turn the Canyon Theater on the north side of the Main Public Library into an art house movie theater three nights a week.

The movie theater, which is scheduled to open in early 2016, is the result of more than a year of discussions between the library and Downtown Boulder Inc,, which will manage ticket sales, alcohol service (emphasis is mine — MRW) and marketing.

Continuing excerpt:

The library has obtained a liquor license to serve beer and wine at the cinema . . .

The most recent library director — we get a new one every couple of years — expressed his hope of getting the “right audience” at this new venue. Well, David Farnan, how do you expect to keep the inebriated transients out? They will ruin the experience for everyone else, as they do already on both the north and south sides of the 1001 Arapahoe facility.

I commented about this on my Facebook page yesterday, and e-mailed my thoughts to BPL in the morning:

Excuse me for just one moment — isn’t this the same library which has been plagued for years by drunken bums committing all sorts of misbehavior and (generally) petty crimes on its premises? The library which has lost a number of its patrons (including me) because we no longer feel safe there? Now, you’re going to serve alcohol?

I feel badly for my friends who work in the “front lines” at BPL. The higher-ups running things are just clueless!

Last evening, I finally received this e-mail reply from someone named Laura Hankins:

Hi Max,

The Boulder Public Library is partnering with Downtown Boulder to produce this new set of events. The thought of bringing film to the downtown Boulder area has many long time residents very excited. Staff at the library are also very excited to be able to offer such a rich complement of films for our patrons. If you have further concerns feel free to call us during regular business hours, and I will be happy to put you in touch with our Administrative team.


Laura Hankins, Adult Services

No wonder it took several hours to craft this response; it’s a completely evasive statement that fails to address the issue of alcohol being provided to those who have demonstrated on a daily basis that they can’t handle it. Laura might as well have said, “We don’t want to face harsh reality and prefer to Feel Good about ourselves.” Although she didn’t say that, I can read between the lines of her e-mail reply . . .

The other matter that should concern everyone is this — how was this negotiation between BPL and Downtown Boulder kept secret for over a year? The DC report is the first I’ve heard of it, and I pay closer attention than most Boulder residents. We’ve been presented with a fait accompli.


Can’t you just see the pickled idjits staggering around as they try to find a seat?


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