Boulder election losers, first snow of the season


By Max R. Weller

Taken as a whole, the Homeless Philosopher is satisfied with Boulder, CO’s election outcomes; it was to be expected that two out of three incumbents running for re-election to Boulder City Council would win, due to the large field of fringe candidates who divided the opposition vote. Even so, we got rid of the insufferable prig Tim Plass:


“Dilapidated coal sheds infested with vermin, located in alleys, are historic structures and MUST be preserved!”

And we avoided having Ward Churchill’s pal, Cindy Carlisle, gain a seat on BCC:


“Boulder has too many jobs!” (A real quote)

Also, the wealthy white elites led by trustafarian and Daily Camera columnist Steve Pomerance got kicked in the teeth, as they deserved: Boulder voters trounce growth-related ballot issues 300, 301. Enough is enough of these dinosaurs bashing the middle class and working poor — with their Blue Line and 70 square miles of untouchable Open Space surrounding our city like a moat:

Steve Pomerance

Steve Pomerance (never worked a day in his life)

Here’s the latest PUC ruling in re Boulder’s municipalization of the local electric utility, and it’s effectively a death knell because of separation costs which can now be expected to skyrocket well over the city’s mandated ceiling. Hallelujah! This woman, however, can be relied upon to continue squeezing the taxpayers as long as she possibly can:

Heather Bailey, city’s highest-paid employee at $250,000 per year

When I awoke this morning, a bit later than usual at 5AM, I threw off my tarp to find a few patches of snow around my campsite. Thus, I’ve donned my thermal underwear for the first time this season. In the past, I’ve done so in late September or early October. It’s November 5th today, so predictions of heavier-than-normal snowfall this winter are so far BUNKUM.

Tonight at my campsite: discounted Halloween candy bars from King Soopers.


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