Comrade Keith Percy: ‘Government Official’ according to his Facebook page, and more


By Max R. Weller

See it here, before he edits his Facebook page to remove this fraudulent claim.

Remember, a vote for any FRINGE CANDIDATE helps the three incumbents running for re-election to Boulder City Council — Lisa Morzel, Suzanne Jones, and Tim Plass — by dividing the opposition vote.

And to think that a few nitpicking Boulderites have criticized the Homeless Philosopher for referring to himself as a philosopher. Where is their concern for Comrade Percy’s BIG LIE? Granted, it makes me chuckle, because as far as I’m concerned the three incumbents have been posing as government officials for years . . .

I’m hoping for a significant snowfall soon, which is certain to move the bum camping in my general area somewhere indoors, like Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or BOHO. Maybe this clown is afraid of the wild critters and wants to be near another camper, but I’m NOT anyone’s babysitter. He has disturbed my sleep with moaning and groaning, loud coughing, and the stench of his cigarette smoking is very unpleasant. He could be indoors right now! I may offer him the $5 bus fare on RTD back to Denver, which also has many overnight emergency shelter beds available.

Republicans aren’t the only folks facing a difficult choice for their party’s nominee for POTUS in 2016. Consider what Democrats are dealing with:



Here’s my choice, a man of culture and decisive leadership skills:


Frankly, when you reflect on it, America is a resilient nation given that we haven’t had an effective leader in the White House since Bill Clinton’s first term (the second was all about Monica).

Tonight at my campsite: ham & cheese sandwiches, with canned spinach.


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