Boulder keeps the homeless as “pets” (redux)

(Originally published on 5/8/2012).

By Max R. Weller

Let me explain: By “Boulder” I mean the wealthy white elites, of course, who are doing all they can public policy-wise to drive out the middle class and working poor from home ownership in our fair city. (The Boulder elites are a much larger percentage than Occupy’s so-called 1%, and the PLAN-Boulder cabal further increases their nefarious influence). To compensate for this outrage against workers now forced to live in neighboring cities and commute to their jobs here, Boulder has made itself a mecca for transients from all across America and built an elaborate homeless shelter/services industry; this renders the appearance of compassion and allows Boulder to Feel Good about itself. It’s all a sham.

I submit, based on over four years of continuous observation of homelessness in my new hometown, that Boulder has no real interest in actually helping most homeless people “get back on their feet” as the trite expression goes. There is no transitional program in this city that has a successful track record which people might point to and say, “Hey, that’s great!” The homeless people who get sucked into this system have great difficulty in breaking free, and many become permanent dependents of it — thereby providing scores of social workers, case managers, addiction counselors, mental health counselors, and others with regular paychecks at taxpayers’ expense. To me, it’s unconscionable.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless has its revolving door First Step and Transitional Living programs. The latter is supposed to be 9 months in duration pending the client getting into housing somewhere, whether temporary or permanent; in fact, you can see some of the same faces there year after year without long-term successful outcomes. And the relatively new Ready to Work program, touted with much fanfare by Bridge House as a transitional employment program, is apparently just a make-work enterprise funded by taxpayers. Picking up cigarette butts on Pearl Street Mall for $8/hour will hardly help one in obtaining a real job with a decent wage in private industry. It’s all show and no go.

Keep the homeless as pets, and put your enlightened compassion on display for all to see! That’s what Boulder is all about, in much the same way the elites cater to prairie dogs. And just to fool the folks who are paying attention, we’ll tighten up city ordinances a little bit so the ACLU will complain (not that this will keep the hundreds of transients from coming to their vacation destination). BUT, we certainly can’t have the homeless transitioning to middle class-status, because then we’d have the bother of running ‘em out of town and making them commute to work here. Can’t have any upward mobility among the unwashed masses of Boulder. BTW, we need to figure out a way to shut up that homeless guy with the blog . . .



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