Max’s rainy day journal, including thoughts on Tiny Houses


By Max R. Weller

See the National Weather Service forecast for Boulder, CO. I welcome the rain, and I hope it continues throughout the daylight hours. This will probably chase away the bums who want to hang out on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. I call them the Homeless Peanut Gallery, and they have a negative effect on the generosity of passersby at the corner of U.S. 36. For example, in the hour I spent as a Humble Beggar with four or five onlookers I made only $3; in the hour after they left the neighborhood and I was alone, I received $13 from generous folks at the stoplight there. This is almost always the case, and I can’t blame drivers for it — who wants to donate cash to any panhandler with a bunch of inebriates lurking nearby? Especially Crazy Mike, who struts back and forth in front of the other homeless people like a Bantam rooster:


Thinks he rules the roost: LOL!

This is the first day since early May that I’ve worn the winter coat a friend bought for me around this time of year in 2012. The only wear it shows is fading from black to gray in places most exposed to the Colorado sunshine. This heavy garment is warm and water-proof, and in the harshest winter conditions I sleep in it overnight. I still haven’t donned my thermal underwear, however.

Read Boulder City Council approves $328M budget for 2016 in the Daily Camera. Quoting from the article below:

The Boulder City Council gave unanimous approval Tuesday night to a $328 million budget for 2016 that includes 47.7 new employees, including two new police officers . . . Boulder police Chief Greg Testa said the new officers will eventually focus on mental health and homeless response in cooperation with mental health professionals.

Does this mean the obvious Froot Loops causing so many problems here will actually be taken into custody and transported to a secure psychiatric facility for evaluation? If not, we can expect to see violent crimes affecting the general population, not just drunken bums stabbing each other.

BTW, using the handy online calculator, this budget comes to over $3,000 in city spending per capita (based on a population of 105,000 in Boulder, CO). That’s over $12,000 for a family of four! Are YOU getting services from the city worth so much? And consider this: If Boulder spends $3,000 annually for each homeless person counted in the U.S. Census, why are hundreds of them still on the streets? Where is the money going? Isn’t it long overdue to demand accountability from our local homeless shelter/services industry?

See what OM Build in Madison, WI can provide for $5,000:

Could America End Homelessness Quickly By Doing This?

You must understand that almost all of what homeless people in Boulder, CO receive at various Free Giveaway venues — food and beverage, footwear and clothing, camping gear, hygiene products, etc. — is donated by individuals or companies. Isabel McDevitt is NOT taking a shopping list to Walmart NOR spending any part of the Bridge House budget on these goods. What is happening to the city taxpayers’ money?

Oh, pardon me! Taxpayers’ money is going into grandiose projects like the 31-unit Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill (a collaboration between Boulder Shelter and Boulder Housing Partners). Each apartment for a single chronically homeless adult cost well in excess of $200,000 . . . That’s more than the price of 40 tiny houses! Homelessness in Boulder could already have been ended using the OM Build approach, instead of squandering millions of dollars for relatively few homeless clients.

The do-gooders who think that 1175 Lee Hill is a good idea ought to be transported to a secure psychiatric facility for evaluation.


Do-Gooders by Mona Charen

I try always to tell it like it is, unlike some others:


That’s all for now . . .


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