Is it any wonder I’d rather live as a hermit? (Redux)

(Originally published on 6/17/2014).


By Max R. Weller


Abandoned mine somewhere in Colorado

A natural cave would also be good. I can see myself laying in a 5-year supply of canned goods, toilet paper, and other necessities — like books. I’d want a source for fresh water nearby.

What would drive me to this extreme state of withdrawal, you wonder? It’s the terminal stupidity of those running Boulder, CO’s homeless shelter/services industry, and the sheer laziness of Daily Camera reporters who never ask the hard questions.

Questions like: “Could we interview several of your former clients who have successfully completed your program (whether it’s at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or at Bridge House) and gone on to live independently for at least five years? We’ll give them different names in the story to maintain confidentiality, of course.”

NOT going to happen . . . I doubt there is such an individual here in Boulder, CO.

The whole approach, it seems to me, is to infantilize the homeless and keep them helpless forever:


“The do-gooders have made me what I am today!”

Sheesh! I’d rather live with the wild critters than read one more inane quote from Isabel McDevitt, Joy Eckstine Redstone, Greg Harms, Betsey Martens, et al.



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