License panhandlers in Boulder, CO (redux)


By Max R. Weller

An excerpt from a post that originally appeared here on 7/22/2015:

I think this is long overdue, because panhandling is in fact a business. I certainly regard it as such, and I depend on that income from generous passersby to buy all of life’s necessities; I’ve never applied for any of the social services benefits I’m eligible for here in Colorado because I wish to avoid becoming a slave to the system, nor do I patronize any of the private nonprofits other than Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker with a change of clothes and sundry items).

True, my spot at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 is outside the city limits, but I still see a pressing need to regulate the conduct of anyone who “flies a sign” in the City of Boulder itself. Too many of these characters are obviously under the influence (a danger to both themselves and motorists), or loud and aggressive toward passersby, or yelling and fighting each other for a turn, or otherwise behaving badly.

An annual license should cost at least $25, and the city needs to adopt a reasonable code of conduct for panhandling, and punish those who misbehave by revoking their Panhandling License — unlicensed panhandling anywhere inside the city limits should be a municipal offense carrying at least a $100 fine.

Here’s an example of what needs to be stopped:


This is Boulder Colorado Facebook photo: “One of our corner lobbyists at 28th and Baseline having a screaming fight with a motorist behind me.”

Another problem that ought to be addressed are the FAKE VETERANS who falsely claim to have served our country in the military service, in order to gain your sympathy. This guy is the classic case here in Boulder:

Richard Grant (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

Fortunately, he’s been gone for about a year now, since getting a bench warrant for Failure to Appear on a charge of Harassment involving a female panhandler at N. Broadway & U.S. 36. There are many others like him, however . . .


Addendum 10/13/2015: If you’ve been following my blog recently, you’ve read about all of the problems at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 — a location just outside of Boulder city limits. The bums there have also caused a lot of trouble for nearby residents of Dakota Ridge, which is a part of the City of Boulder, and city police can enforce laws there against misbehavior such as Littering, Urinating in Public, Disorderly Conduct, Fighting, etc. as well as calling the paramedics to transport inebriates passed out on private property to detox. I urge my neighbors to contact Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa directly to voice their concerns at the highest level. See contact info here.


3 thoughts on “License panhandlers in Boulder, CO (redux)

  1. GL

    Hey, Max, after yesterday;s column I though for sure the sidewalk-peeing woman and the wheelchair guy would be gone, but today they were on the wall again. Is nobody going to arrest this woman?

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Boulder County SO and Boulder PD are both working on it, and there are also county and city bureaucrats working with the Dakota Ridge HOA. Perhaps the HOA can obtain a Restraining Order requiring the two worst miscreants to stay at least 500′ away from that private property . . . After all, he’s a registered child molester in Boulder, CO. I don’t think they got a chance to panhandle yesterday (Tuesday) at all, because even other homeless people despise them both (she’s notorious for stealing other people’s stuff).


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