Smartphone camera catches homeless woman in the act, and more


By Max R. Weller

Boulder police have been called to the private property belonging to the Dakota Ridge HOA located at N. Broadway & Laramie, where the bums have been drinking and passing out underneath the pine trees for a few weeks now, many times recently. Saturday, a city officer found four or five of ’em partying there, and gave the bums one last warning before adding, “Next time we respond to a complaint from the property owners, all of you will be ticketed for Trespassing.”

The ringleader of these pickled idjits is Donna; read about her background as a troublemaker in my north Boulder neighborhood: Donna the homeless drama queen at N. Broadway & Laramie Blvd. originally published here on 9/21/2015.

Yesterday, Donna took the officer’s warning to heart, and she sat on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant next to the public sidewalk, as I’ve been doing for years without any problems. Her companion Austin, one of the white male pedophiles in her drunken crew, was with her in his wheelchair. She bided her time until everyone else who wanted to had taken a turn at panhandling on the corner of U.S. 36 — not that we give her a choice in the matter — then she walked out to the median, passing across the private property mentioned above, and stopped to drop her jeans and squat to pee like a dog.

Apparently, Donna hadn’t looked up and down the sidewalk to make sure nobody would walk up on her, because two Dakota Ridge residents came right by and caught her in the act of Urinating in Public (as well as Trespassing). The man quickly took out his Smartphone and snapped a photo of Donna in her awkward pose. As he passed by the rest of us sitting on the wall, he told us what he’d seen and promised to e-mail the incriminating digital image to Boulder PD. Our general reaction was to verbally condemn the goofy [rhymes with “witch”], and then everyone EXCEPT ME left the area. Someone had to go out to the corner and tell Donna she’d been caught on Candid Camera and I’d never seen her move so fast, gathering her junk together and pushing Austin southbound in the direction of their other favorite hangout, underneath the bridge over Four Mile Creek at Broadway & Rosewood.

The police know her by sight, from dozens of contacts over the past years Donna has been in Boulder, CO. I’m confident they’ll catch up to her in a short time and either ticket her or arrest her for her stupid and disrespectful behavior.

There’s a port-a-potty right across the street on the CDOT lot she might have used instead, if she hadn’t been intent on marking her territory and giving the finger to society . . .


This is where you go to pee, Donna.

High winds last night at my campsite, but the tarp I have over all of my other sleeping gear is staked down securely and didn’t blow away to another county. I enjoy the soughing of wind in the pine tree next to me, as I sleep; like the patter of raindrops on my tarp, it’s restful.

Mara Abbott, a member of the Daily Camera’s Editorial Advisory Board, briefly mentioned me in Saturday’s newspaper:

“. . . In any case, my sources would claim that repealing these ordinances does not generate an imminent threat. If there have been only five infractions so far in 2015, it would seem that either a) our management is so effective it generates almost perfect compliance (unlikely), or b) we aren’t enforcing the rules we have now anyhow. Modifying them? Maybe not so significant.

“The Homeless Philosopher, a voice from Boulder’s streets with a regular blog (no, for reals), which I have read (yes… I did) laughed the change off, claiming “The city of Boulder has NEVER enforced the law re: Aggressive Panhandling, so how do they ‘suspend’ enforcement which doesn’t exist?”

“Well. He may know better than any of us.”


Mara Abbott

Actually, the one and only spot I’ve ever played the role of Humble Beggar is just outside of Boulder city limits, so it makes no difference to me what our clueless city leaders do or say.

It’s been a while since one of the mentally ill Bridge House transients left a comment here, but this one (copied below) is so outstanding I thought I’d publish it as part of today’s post:

“I think your biased and butthurt to have the outlook you do. Possibly handed everything in life. You’re what’s wrong with the community not the houseless. You don’t have any respect for your neighbors. I can’t wait to come back in a week. Put me on blast asshole and make me famous. I don’t want your money prick. I bet if I flew a sign for hugs you’d still tell me to fuck off. Eat shit and choke you slimy pigheaded bastard. Love and light fucker”

This guy’s IP address is in another state, Virginia, but he admits he’ll “come back” to Boulder, CO. I’m sure Isabel McDevitt will welcome him with open arms!

That’s all for now. I’m heading to my McMansion up in the Foothills, where the maid will serve me a nice glass of Chablis as I lounge on my veranda, looking down on the rest of you . . .


Her name is Sunny.


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