Now, you can see her for yourself, and more


By Max R. Weller

Renee McLaughlin panhandles at the intersection of Canyon Boulevard and Broadway in Boulder on Tuesday.

Renee McLaughlin panhandles at the intersection of Canyon Boulevard and Broadway in Boulder on Tuesday. (Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

The City of Boulder has NEVER enforced the law in re Aggressive Panhandling, so how do they “suspend” enforcement which doesn’t exist? Only in Boulder!

As to Renee herself, read my earlier post: The wild critters are more respectful than some homeless people from 9/22/2015. Excerpt below:

Speaking of the barely human devils, consider what I encountered yesterday after returning to my neighborhood in the noon hour: I was sitting there in front of the Mexican restaurant eating my lunch, watching one of the white male pedophiles panhandling on the corner of U.S. 36, and I happened to look to the north along the sidewalk which leads towards the Dakota Ridge neighborhood. I was wondering how many of Donna’s Drunken Crew were camped out under the pine trees (on private property belonging to the HOA, where they routinely trespass); I saw an alcoholic homeless woman named Renee — her Real Name — squatting like a dog to take a piss right there on the sidewalk, in full view of any business owners, workers, customers, or nearby residents who might have glanced in her direction, as I did. Renee gave me the finger as she took a leak.

Right across the road, on the CDOT lot, is a port-a-potty that was offloaded on Sunday. It’s very conveniently located for the use of all the pickled idjits who want to hang out in this area, but Renee was too drunk and/or too lazy to cross the road and make use of it. She’s also too disrespectful of other people, as well as herself, and that’s what I told the silly [rhymes with “witch”]. I know many homeless women, and almost none of them would pee on a sidewalk in public as Renee did, then try to excuse her misbehavior by saying, “Men can whip it out anywhere when they need to pee — because I’m a woman you’re saying I can’t.” In fact, the homeless men are almost always very discreet, and have been using this port-a-potty the past couple of days.

Anyway, I left Renee and all of Donna’s Drunken Crew with the impression that I was going to call and report this incident of Urinating in Public to law enforcement. I don’t have a cell phone, nor do I want one, but they didn’t know that. As I went out to the corner to play the role of Sober and Humble Beggar, they all decided to make themselves scarce. They headed southbound, at the slow and unsteady rate of inebriates everywhere, probably to continue partying and passing out underneath the bridge over Four Mile Creek at N. Broadway & Rosewood.


Renee, this is where you go to pee.


Read Following backlash, Naropa withdraws application to kill Boulder prairie dogs in the Daily Camera. Quoting from the article:

Naropa officials have said all along that they never intended to kill the prairie dogs, which reside on 2.5 acres of land near 63rd Street and Arapahoe Avenue. They say they have spent four years and $100,000 researching non-lethal options for removal.

Despite that, the university came under fire from prairie dog activists, who pointed out a contradiction between the university’s Buddhist values and its lethal control permit application.

In a Daily Camera guest opinion piece, Todd Kilburn, the university’s vice president for business affairs and chief financial officer, wrote that the school will work with the Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society of the United States to explore relocation options.

Prairie Dog Heaven seems like a good spot to me, and here’s how we can help the VARMINTS get there: Rodenator.

Does any rational person really believe that 50% — or even 30% — of homeless people are veterans? One of my neighbors living in Dakota Ridge in north Boulder does (fortunately for her, I agreed NOT to use anyone’s name in a blog post based on recent online conversations back and forth concerning the bum issue there). This resident wrote:

“While I thought we were dropping the issue I brought up under Max’s heading seems like Max wants to continue. National Coalition for the homelesss reports that “130.000-200,000” Vets sleep on the streets every night. I too have looked at the homeless situations here in Boulder up close by putting in a fair amount of time at the Homeless shelter, talking with hundreds of homeless Vets on the streets in D.C. and here in Boulder. Interacting with many Vets at the Dayton Ohio VA. And whether it is 50% of the people I have talked with on the streets of Boulder and in the Homeless shelter who are Vets or if it is 30% still too many.

“HUD has reported that homeless Veterans rates have dropped 7% over the last few years. A great thing.

“What I was trying to interject into the conversation that Max started with concerns about safety for this neighborhood which makes good sense was some compassion for often broken people. Compassion”

Here is the best available documentation about the number of homeless vets in Boulder County as a whole: Metro Denver Homeless Initiative 2014 Point-in-Time Highlights. Scroll down to page 32 to see “2014 PIT Highlights.” This shows a total of 850 homeless people in Boulder County (surely an undercount), with only 48 of them self-reporting as veterans. My calculator arrives at 5.6% of the total homeless number being veterans. Bear in mind that some of those who self-reported were lying for various reasons (SCAM ALERT: Homeless Vet Dying of Lung Cancer Needs Help from July of 2013), and the true percentage of honorably discharged military veterans legally entitled to VA benefits must be less than five percent.

The 2015 PIT was much less comprehensive, and contained no specific data on veterans.

I learned some time ago that it’s a waste of time and effort to attempt persuading people like this particular do-gooder, who ALL seem to have such an emotional investment in their mistaken beliefs. Imagine, if 50% of the 850 homeless people counted in Boulder County, CO on a January night in 2014 were veterans, that would be 425 vets on the streets! Using the lower figure of 30%, that would still mean 255 homeless vets in our county. This is NUTS! It serves no good purpose to allow ourselves to become so deluded . . .

Here’s what another Dakota ridge resident said:

“I agree with Max and love reading his blog and Facebook entries.”

It’s good to have a neighbor possessing common sense . . .


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