Thunderstorms and heavy rain over the weekend


By Max R. Weller

As I’ve preached for years, you’ve got to be prepared with the right kind of gear if you’re going to sleep outdoors comfortably in all kinds of weather. I enjoyed Nature’s display of thunder, lightning, and rainfall. I did so with a 6’x8′ tarp as a ground cover, a zero degree-rated sleeping bag as a pad on top of that, a comforter as covering over my fully-clothed body, and a 9’x12′ tarp (staked at the corners) over everything. I rolled up my light jacket to use as a pillow, not needing it for warmth. The tarps I buy at Walmart are two-sided, brown and silver, and I make certain that the reflective silver surfaces are on the inside of my camping “sandwich” to help retain the body heat I generate. There is condensation to deal with, because one’s breath contains water vapor, but it’s a minor issue if you cover your head with the comforter; a few drops of cold water in the face when it’s time to get up is refreshing, anyway.

The gentle patter of raindrops became more like a drumroll at times on Saturday night, but it was nevertheless restful to me as I stayed warm and dry.

See the National Weather Service forecast for the next few days.

During daylight hours on both Saturday and Sunday, I retreated into my burrow to read The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel. I’d read this novel before, and I acknowledge that it’s trash, but at times there’s very little choice of reading material at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and other times I’m not inclined to spend up to $10 for a new paperback at King Soopers. The trysting of Jondalar and Ayla reads like a how-to manual for horny teenagers, but I’d imagine it might provide a script for role-playing by bored couples:

In reality, the humans of the Ice Age probably smelled like mammoths, themselves. Our modern-day Jondalars and Aylas should refrain from bathing or using deodorant for several weeks to achieve the proper state of fragrant arousal.

It’s what homeless couples do in the bushes along Boulder Creek Path, anyway . . .

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless will be serving a hot breakfast every morning from now through April 30th. I confess that I’ll be taking along any leftover fried potatoes in a GladWare container in my backpack, since this staple food is otherwise not available to the Homeless Philosopher at his campsite.

That’s all for now, folks.


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