Daily Camera does NOT endorse a single incumbent for Boulder City Council, and more


By Max R. Weller

Amazing turnaround by the Daily Camera’s editorial board, led by newcomer Dave Krieger! Read Editorial: For Boulder City Council. Quoting from the opinion piece below:

We do not endorse any incumbent running for re-election, but we thank all three for the grace they showed in coming to see us, knowing we were not a sympathetic audience. In particular, Lisa Morzel’s 16 years on council represent a level of dedication to her community that deserves our thanks. We disagree with her and colleagues Suzanne Jones and Tim Plass on too many issues to endorse them, but we express appreciation for their service.

This is a great example of “damning with faint praise” and it gave me a hearty chuckle. Lisa Morzel is just about the most disingenuous, two-faced politician I’ve encountered anywhere; she tells you what you want to hear, then goes her own way. It’s Morzel, more than any other individual, who kept the north Boulder neighborhood along N. Broadway from having an affordable Safeway grocery store and a full-size branch of Boulder Public Library (Safeway was ready to donate the prime piece of real estate for a library to benefit the community).

Here’s who the DC does endorse:

We were inspired and encouraged by the energy and conviction of all the candidates. If the city were to elect our full slate, we feel confident it would awake the morning after Election Day to a less ideological, more competent, more sensible council. To achieve that end, we recommend that Boulder voters elect Michael Kruteck, Jan Burton, Julianne McCabe, Don Cote and Aaron Brockett to the seats up for election Nov. 3.

Of course, it’s going to be an uphill battle to unseat the three incumbents who are running for re-election, regardless of the DC finally growing a pair of cojones.

Frankly, I’m NOT opposed to growth of any kind and won’t argue about the issue, which seems to be generating such controversy at this time.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless will be opening their men’s and women’s emergency overnight dorms this Thursday night, October 1st. Perhaps you’re wondering what you could do to help a transient who will be arriving in our fair city:


WHAT A SCAM! It amounts to a short-term and interest-free loan of millions of dollars, given that tickets were sold for events all over America featuring the Dalai Lama. Read: Dalai Lama cancels next month’s Boulder visit over health concerns. From the report:

Citing medical reasons, the Dalai Lama is canceling his planned visit to Boulder and the University of Colorado next month.

The Tibetan spiritual leader will not be able to attend any of his planned events in the United States next month after a medical evaluation at the Mayo Clinic on Thursday, CU officials said.

“Upon completion of the evaluation, the doctors have advised that His Holiness take complete rest,” according to a statement from the Office of Tibet provided by CU. “As a result, His Holiness will be returning to Dharamsala, India, next week and will not be able to visit the United States next month. We deeply regret cancellation of the visit.”

Here’s the kicker — they still want your money:

. . . the Tibetan Association of Colorado will refund every ticket, including those considered “sponsor” tickets, which ranged in price from $250 to $2,500.

The association will also be asking for donations, as it invested most of its savings in preparation of the Dalai Lama’s visit. The association is unsure at this point if it will get deposits back for things like parking and transportation services, Tashi said.

“Right now we are in a very serious position negatively, very serious in terms of finance,” Tashi said. “We have put almost everything into the event, and we don’t have any way to recover it, except if we get support from all the community members.”

I’ve always thought that the Dalai Lama and Rev. Moon were actually the same man, in different guises:


The Dalai Lama


Reverend Moon

I’ll make a pair of suggestions for readers of this blog who live in the Dakota Ridge neighborhood, which has become a gathering place for some of the worst-behaved inebriates in Boulder: 1) Request that the HOA reset the timer on lawn sprinklers at N. Broadway & Laramie to come on around 10AM, which is when the drunkards start to pass the jug around; and 2) Also ask that they cut off branches from the three pine trees along the sidewalk there at least 6′ above the ground, so anyone passed out underneath them can be easily spotted by the city police.

BTW, I’ve moved away from my campsite of the past two years, and am now enjoying a more secluded spot nearby. It’s a much longer walk to get to BSH for my morning shower, but the added exercise will do me good.

That’s all for now, folks . . .


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