Froot Loops for Boulder (CO) City Council, and more


By Max R. Weller


See Boulder Chamber forum offers first look at crowded City Council field in the Daily Camera. Quoting from the article below:

Cindy Carlisle, a former councilwoman and University of Colorado regent, said that “too many employees are coming into Boulder” and causing traffic that makes people “cranky.”  She said the City Council has done a poor job of late implementing strategy reflective of the will of voters, and voiced support for Google and other developers paying for affordable housing.

Ms. Carlisle, you may recall, was a supporter of Ward Churchill when she served as a CU regent.

Comrade Keith Percy, who is disabled, has lived homeless, self-identifies as queer and is “an honorary ambassador to the state of Arkansas,” wants to make Boulder more open to the homeless and to creative types. He said the city suffers from transphobia and ableism, and condemned occupancy limits that, in his eyes, hinder affordable housing efforts.

Comrade Keith Percy

I will say that Cha Cha Spinrad, by comparison, seems almost moderate in her remarks as reported by the DC. Continuing excerpt:

Preschool teacher Cha Cha Spinrad, the youngest of the candidates, said she is running to “bring a voice to people disenfranchised from Boulder’s politics.” She said Boulder can support more density “almost everywhere in the city.” She wants childcare offered at council meetings.

Cha Cha Spinrad and Julia Wockner of Boulder Food Rescue make their rounds on 55th Street in Boulder on Thursday morning.

From Daily Camera story on 4/16/2015: Cha Cha Spinrad and Julia Wockner of Boulder Food Rescue make their rounds on 55th Street in Boulder on Thursday morning. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

These are, of course, a couple of the misguided do-gooders helping Bridge House to attract the worst-behaved transients to our fair city. Better to give the bums the $5 bus tickets on RTD back to Denver, and send the stale pastry and overripe produce to the landfill.

It’s going to a SLAM DUNK for the three incumbents . . .

I was told yesterday, by one of the Housing First residents (in good standing) at 1175 Lee Hill, that the turnover rate has been very high among the 31 available apartments. He also mentioned a few deaths among the HF clients at this facility in Boulder, right next door to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Like I figured, this local boondoggle will follow the unfortunate pattern of its predecessor in Anchorage, AK — Karluk Manor. The death toll there stood at 11, the last time I checked earlier this year.

I slipped back into my routine as Homeless Philosopher without any problem, and I’m enjoying restful sleep overnight at my campsite. Tonight, I think I’ll have ham & cheese sandwiches on white bread with mayo.

That’s all for now . . .


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