Drug-addled killer turned loose, and more


Spencer Crawford

Spencer Crawford mugshot (note the straitjacket)

Read the alarming story in the Daily Camera in which this violent individual is given credibility for his Facebook postings: LSD-fueled fatal stabbing near Nederland revisited in Facebook post.

Now consider the Facebook comments of Crawford’s self-styled friends, and mine given in response, on the DC’s own Facebook page:

Anyes Laporte Clark: With proper guidance and assistance, Spencer can be a wonderful positive contributor to our society and community ! I remember him as a genuine kid working at dads shop Crawdaddys toys in Lafayette ! Let’s hope Luckys give him a new chance ! Bless the Gaudin parents as well.

Max Weller: There’s something pathetic about this young man’s need for attention, and the enablers who surround him are disgusting. STFU, Spencer, and just go away . . .

Neal Mccormick (sic): Fuck off yo, can’t you read? So many kids (kids, like seriously, 14 and 15 year olds even) do those drugs all the time. It’s important for everyone to know where it can lead when you mess with them. Spencer took responsibility and thats all you can ask for anymore

Feather Hailglow: Every story needs to be told. Spencer is a good person. If you don’t have anything nice to say, go fuck yourself

Max Weller: Spencer wasn’t RESPONSIBLE when it really mattered, and another young man died. Almost no kids are stabbing their peers, for any reason, and we can be thankful for that much. Really mature comments from Spencer’s friends, which says a lot about them.

James Goldmill: I also know Spencer. He’s a super nice kid. Don’t pay this Weller asshole any mind– he’s the Camera’s biggest troll.

Max Weller: Spencer’s late friend is SUPER DEAD. Have you forgotten him?

Anyes Laporte Clark: Who are we to judge ???

Neal Mccormick: I defend spencer and the memory of Angus because thats what friends do. Not sorry.

Hannah Yoh: All of us who knew Angus and know Spencer will never forget… not all of what happened that night was in anyone’s control… and unless you were there and saw what happened you have no way, no right to speculate.

Max Weller: Hannah, I have every right to speculate on any convicted killer’s future behavior because it could possibly affect either me or people I care about. I admit that I’m not comfortable with such (previously) violent individuals running loose in the town where I’ve lived for the past 7 1/2 years and counting. After all, the most reliable indicator of what anyone might do today or tomorrow is what they did yesterday . . . DENIAL is a very immature reaction to the gravity of what Spencer Crawford did, and it’s fortunate that most people here have no illusions about him based on Facebook postings by his self-styled friends (those who are still with us, that is). Anyes, it’s our responsibility to judge other’s actions, as well as our own. Of course, we can’t judge their souls (or our own) — that judgment belongs to a Higher Power.

I’ll add here that the self-entitled attitude of many young people in Boulder, CO is frightening. What in blazes are their parents teaching them, anyway?

For all those “homeless advocates” who are always crying about so-called police brutality:

Boulder police officer Jenny Paddock fist bumps Jeffrey Martin after Paddock woke him to check on his condition in downtown Boulder on Tuesday afternoon.

Boulder police officer Jenny Paddock fist bumps Jeffrey Martin after Paddock woke him to check on his condition in downtown Boulder on Tuesday afternoon. The city’s proposed 2016 budget includes funding for two new police officers, a dispatch supervisor, new fire personnel to work on community outreach and other new positions. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

Too bad the proposed 2016 city budget doesn’t include a couple of thousand bucks for the $5 bus tickets on RTD bound for Denver, which might be handed out to transients passed out in public areas. Imagine how much better it would be in Boulder if we “helped” a few hundred of ’em move on down the road!

I have to chuckle at one homeless guy in the men’s shower area at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning, who admits he’s from southwest Oklahoma, complaining that it was “cold” overnight as he slept in his truck up in the Foothills. Why did he come here if he’s that weak? It ain’t cold! BTW, he’s one of the illegal campers who was recently run off from behind BSH by Boulder PD; it’s illegal to sleep in your vehicle on city streets, including Front Range Dr.

What will these pansies do when it’s around zero degrees with snow on the ground?

I enjoyed my trip to Walmart in Longmont last week, where I obtained almost all of the new clothing and gear I need for just over $200. Even better, that particular Walmart has a McDonald’s restaurant inside, and I also got three Sausage McMuffins to-go.

For the first time since about 1999, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because I’ll have somewhere pleasant to be in 2015.

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