Boulder, CO ‘homeless advocates’ are batting .000


By Max R. Weller


The self-styled advocates probably think that free “feeds” for the homeless in public venues should be catered by upscale restaurants here. After all, dining on chateaubriand and shrimp étouffée is a human right! What’s that you say — it’s NOT? Dang it!

Camping in public parks? NO. Sleeping, bathing, drinking/drugging in Boulder Public Library? NO. Aggressive panhandling? NO. Using the McDonald’s on Baseline as a de facto homeless shelter overnight? NO. Trespassing on private property and typically engaging in loud, disruptive misbehavior? NO. Littering everywhere? NO. Smoking in Central Park, on Pearl Street Mall and in other areas where it’s prohibited by law? NO. Making all shelter beds available to transients year-round? NO. Apologizing/enabling all sorts of wrongdoing by people, simply because they’re homeless? NO.

With friends like Boulder Rights Watch, whose extreme positions on behalf of the worst-behaved transients has provoked a strong backlash from those in authority and ordinary citizens alike, the homeless people in Boulder, CO don’t need enemies. I categorically reject them as impostors — who do NOT have the best interests of most homeless folks at heart.

Unfortunately, members like Darren O’Connor, Mike Homner, Joy Eckstine Redstone (of course), Roger Wolsey,  et al are on a BIG EGO TRIP and really believe that the fumbling, bumbling incompetence they’ve displayed is having a positive impact. This is what we call, down on the farm, a big pile of manure:


BTW, I’ll be on hiatus next week and not posting anything to this blog. Instead, I’ll be working on new ideas for short stories which may appear here in the future.

Tonight at my campsite: ham & cheese sandwiches, with cookies for dessert.


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