Rantings of a Froot Loop named ‘Bleeth’


By Max R. Weller


No, NOT Yasmine Bleeth, but I appreciate her endorsement.

I’m talking about one of the cowardly, anonymous posters on the Daily Camera website who calls herself Bleeth.

From time to time I like to publish what nuts like the impostor Bleeth have to say, so readers like you will know what we’re dealing with in re the issue of homelessness in Boulder, CO. If I were to hazard a guess, it would be that Bleeth is associated in some capacity with the shelter/services industry in our fair city, and takes my criticism of it personally. Very personally, to the extent that she LIES shamelessly.

Here’s a sample of her wit and wisdom, along with a couple of comments by others:

Bleeth: This one homeless guy is one of the biggest hypocrites out there.

He insults the very same people that give him handouts at his “corner” and has no problem using lockers and the facilities over at the homeless shelter. You know, the same shelter he’s critical of.

He uses computers over at CU and the library for his rants against the very community in which he has chosen to reside. He’s been here since 2008 and has made absolutely no effort to improve his life.

He’s just another cog in the homeless industrial complex and part of the problem.

. . . Many of us on these boards have had exchanges with Weller. Please keep in mind he has nothing good to say about homeless advocates OR the people of Boulder yet he choose to stay here, sucking off the public dole just like the rest of them. He’s the first one in line to refer to us as elitists yet he has no problem taking handouts at his “corner” of Highway 36 and Broadway.

The only difference is, he criticizes the program, yet utilizes it to suit his needs.

homelessphilosopher: Please make an effort to get your facts straight: I use no social services of any kind (“public dole” as you put it) and I visit only one of the nonprofits — Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, in order to take my morning shower and maintain a small locker with a change of clothes.

I’ve supported BSH with cash donations in the past, to the tune of $350. I’ve also supported Attention Homes, the American Red Cross, and other charities with my $$$.

BTW, if you had seen the bedbug that a program resident at BSH captured and showed to me this morning, I daresay you’d also be critical of a corrupt system which permits serious problems like this infestation of bloodsuckers to continue year after year . . .

Bleeth: Oh. So you pay taxes to live here like the rest of us? When did that change?

I guess you don’t need to take a shower or maintain a small locker at the homeless shelter you constantly complain about yet have no problem using.

Now you’re complaining about bedbugs? If you actually cared about anyone or anything beyond your own self Max, you’d be a part of the solution. Instead, you continue to solicit change at the corner of 36 and Broadway and insult the community and people that give you exactly what you seek. A free ride.

Then you turn right around and insult transients that do the exact same thing that you complain about. So yes, Max, you live off the public dole by utilizing the very computer you’re communicating on right now. You take money from taxpaying citizens on your “corner” and use the homeless shelter for showers and a locker and have illegally camped on public land for years.

. The small handful of people that actually need help don’t get it because of people like you.

homelessphilosopher: I pay taxes every day, because I purchase all of life’s necessities at businesses like King Soopers and Walmart. I’ve NEVER patronized any of the free giveaway venues, which have sprouted up like mushrooms here in Boulder, CO.

If Boulder Shelter closed today, permanently, I’d easily make other arrangements to shower and for storage space.

Here’s what I’ve done to “advocate” on behalf of my neighbors in north Boulder, and you should know that law enforcement took immediate action to deal with problems I cited: https://homelessphilosopher.wordpress.com/2015/08…

What do you do except rant on the DC website, only rarely touching on the truth?

NOBODY who is homeless in our fair city is getting the help they need, because the do-gooders follow this creed: More Homeless People = More Money.

Maybe you should talk to the people who are kind enough to support me. They would set you straight in a hurry!

Bleeth: Perhaps, instead of expecting other people to support you……..here’s a thought. You could take some responsibility and do it yourself?

Now there’s a concept. If more people took responsibility for themselves we wouldn’t have such a large homeless industrial complex in Boulder.

homelessphilosopher: And what is it that you do to take responsibility? For all we know — since you hide behind an anonymous screen name — you’re just another Bridge House transient using a computer provided by donors to that nonprofit in order to bash the only homeless individual in our city who will tell the truth about the local shelter/services industry.

Who was doing so before I came online almost six years ago? You? Your good ideas are NOT original, and your original ideas are NOT good.

mstdye: Thank you for your comments, Bleeth.

Weller has been claiming for while now that, in 8 years, he has given the Homeless Shelter $350 (who knows if this is true). But a conservative estimate would be that in eight years Weller has cost the Homeless Shelter at least $5,000 a year or $40,000 (and probably more). That money comes from both taxpayers and charitable donations. And this doesn’t include the money CU and Public library have spent to keep Weller amused, or the money the police have spent chasing him around.

homelessphilosopher: LOL! You’re so out of touch with reality, mstdye/bndr, it’s sometimes scary. BTW, I have the receipts from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and their street outreach Boulder County Cares.

This ought to interest and infuriate you, but in fact it led to the authorities taking action to improve the quality of life for everyone in my north Boulder neighborhood — and the business owners, workers, and residents there are happy to stand together with me: https://homelessphilosopher.wordpress.com/2015/08…

boulderbest: I always think it’s funny that there is this clique of homeless advocates in Boulder that picks on one homeless guy because they don’t like the fact he exposed their ********.

At least the guy hasn’t committed any crimes since coming here which is a lot more than I can say for the legions of others you import here. Grace and compassion unless it’s not going to make you look good right? Because you do it for your ego, not the act itself. The homeless industry in this town are hypocrites. You in particular. Keep on. I think it’s funny and does more damage to your cause which is something I happily cheer the demise of.

InsideBBubble: Excuse Rob Smoke. He’s got a personal vendetta against some homeless guy in Boulder because he’s done things like posted pictures of Joy Redstone with her arms around rapist James Budd. Rob Smoke, Joy Redstone….Every time Max posts something on the Camera their little group of “advocates'” spends all day harassing him.

Proof positive that the homeless advocates in this town are not a good group of people and should not be receiving our support.


Joy and Jim circa 2009 — HAPPY TIMES!

Dealing with the deranged critics helps to keep me humble, as well as providing many chuckles and a few belly laughs.

Those who support what I do as Homeless Philosopher — either online or at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 — are obviously honest, intelligent, and forthright citizens. I’m grateful to them ALL!

That’s all for now, folks.


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