Let’s ‘right-size’ the transient population here!


By Max R. Weller


And turn these poor dogs over to the Humane Society for adoption!

Yesterday morning, outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless around 5:30, I met a one-armed youngster who wanted to know if he was at the right place. He said he was from North Carolina, and had come here expecting to find overnight accommodations at BSH. I explained that the only way this would be possible during the summertime is for him to get into the program —which might take a couple of weeks involving an interview with a case manager and the wait for an opening, if he’s accepted. I understand that Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow also has a program now, with very limited space, but I can’t find any details online.

He inquired about where I stayed at night, and seemed incredulous when I told him that I live outdoors. Year-round, for the most part, taking only brief breaks indoors with friends in Longmont.

He also asked if BSH accepted transgender individuals. I replied, “Oh, yes indeed!” I thought of my friend Sally (not her real name) who, true to her word a few months ago, has never returned to BSH after staff allowed a transgender person with intact male parts to use the women’s shower . . .

Why do the transients keep coming here, based on misinformation? Are those in authority elsewhere around the country following the policy of Denver police and social workers and telling the bums to travel to Boulder, CO — the Hippie Paradise? Read the candid comments on this website.

BTW, one of my neighbors in north Boulder is wondering if the transients flocking to Boulder are especially racist, and she cited a violent incident downtown that was never reported in the Daily Camera. I couldn’t find details about that crime anywhere. However, in considering the issue I must acknowledge the frequent use of pejorative terms like “nigger” and “monkey” by white transients, many of whom come here from the Deep South. Personally, I try to balance the scales by making reference to “white trash” and “rednecks” as often as I can remember to do so.

Read my previous post, Cut the crime rate: close Bridge House. It offers ideas on how we might stem the tide of transients, which seems to increase every year.

That’s all for now, folks.


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