This is what I’d hoped to see here in Colorado, and more


By Max R. Weller 


Dan and Terzah Becker Facebook photo at Bowen Lake

Things didn’t work out that way, due to my increasing physical disabilities, but I do enjoy scenic views in every direction from my north Boulder neighborhood. And the visits overnight from the wild critters are almost always enjoyable (rodents became too much, however). What this pic by my friends really offers is a peaceful solitude, apart from all of the drama that intrudes on our daily lives.

The Mayor of Boulder, CO doesn’t know that Vatican City is an independent country: “[Pope Francis] doesn’t control a country, but the moral authority is extremely valuable and not to be ignored or dismissed,” Matt Appelbaum says in the Daily Camera.


“I’m smart enough to run your electric utility!”

Read Macon Cowles won’t seek re-election to the Boulder City Council in the DC. George K. has also decided not to run again, but that still leaves seven BCC members who need to be booted out by voters in the next couple of election cycles:

Three Stooges X 3

On the lighter side:


Owl (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

See the story here. Many nights, I hear the owls HOOTING around my campsite, and they’re quite loud. I don’t mind it a bit, because it has an entirely different quality to it compared to the yelling and cursing of either drunken transients around Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or rowdy patrons of the nearby Bustop Gentleman’s Club.

Tonight at my campsite: Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and Ritz crackers.


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