What’s with all the rain this year? And more


By Max R. Weller

I’d planned to stay at my campsite today, not feeling up to par, but the darned rainfall has pretty much soaked all of my gear. So, here I am at CU’s Norlin Library, a couple of hours behind schedule. Didn’t go to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning, so I missed out on my daily shower and my mug of instant coffee.

Today is National Fried Chicken Day, and King Soopers will be selling 8 pieces of Chester’s fried chicken for just $3.99; I certainly intend to pick some up, and it will help make the miserable weather more tolerable.

It’s hard to imagine why the Pope would invite Boulder, CO mayor Matt Appelbaum (elected by his city council cronies behind closed doors), to a Vatican meeting on climate change and “modern” slavery. 50,000+ commuters driving into our city every workday makes for an environmentally-unfriendly situation, and the fact that most of these workers can’t afford to live in Boulder reduces them to the status of “modern” serfs. All that this clown can contribute to the discussion is a lot of hot air.


It’s been peaceful in my neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36 the past few days. No bums hanging out, and passersby have been very generous. I’ve built my coffee jar savings up to $100, and a new tarp is definitely in order; they don’t last more than three months or so, before the intense sunshine wears them out and they start to leak.

Still working on a suitable topic for a short story. I guess I should just pick one out of my hat and go with it . . .


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