Boulder County 2015 Point-in-Time Summary, and more


By Max R. Weller

See the data for yourself — but bear in mind that there are far more than 658 homeless people in Boulder County, CO. Many refuse to be counted, including me, because this “census” is really just another fundraising ploy by the homeless shelter/services industry.

As evidence of how poorly the count went on that night last January, only ONE homeless person identified as transgender; in fact there were no less than three transgender-types at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at that time (yes, I have a good memory), and BSH itself was one of the many sites around Boulder County where data was gathered. There can be little doubt that others spent that night elsewhere, and were also missed.

Apparently, there will be no city-by-city breakdown of data provided by MDHI this year. This was one of the more interesting parts of the Point-in-Time Report in the past, especially comparing the City of Boulder to the City of Longmont.

Compare this year’s result with those from 2013. Just two years ago, MDHI reported that they counted 2,366 homeless people in Boulder County. Anyone who believes that there has been a more than 70% decline in homeless numbers here in this short time simply isn’t paying attention to reality.

This survey no longer has any credibility, and it’s time to end it.

I’ve been sick the past two days, and really don’t feel like “working” this morning, but I heard a rumor on the SKIP bus as I was headed down to King Soopers, and figured I should stop in at CU’s Norlin Library to check out the Daily Camera website. Nothing there about any break-in and vandalism at Bridge House supposedly involving homeless clients’ birth certificates and other paperwork kept in unlocked file cabinets. Frankly, I think it’s foolish to trust Bridge House or any other local nonprofit with important documents — especially in view of past monkey business with clients’ mail mysteriously disappearing. My birth certificate from Missouri is safe with my friends over in Longmont.

Boulder’s image presented to the rest of the world, courtesy of the stoners in our community:

Graffiti is seen in Boulder’s Gregory Canyon on Tuesday.

Graffiti is seen in Boulder’s Gregory Canyon on Tuesday. (Lauren Fagan / Daily Camera)

I think I’ll treat myself to a pint of mango sorbet from King Soopers, since I haven’t eaten much since Monday.


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