Boulder, CO on homelessness: FAIL


By Max R. Weller


This is Boulder Colorado Facebook photo

If I never post anything else on this blog, the photo above will tell the story of how FUBAR this city truly is when it comes to dealing with the worst-behaved transients. Maybe we do need more bike lanes (I doubt it), but shouldn’t we also consider creating shopping cart lanes for the bums? I hope that Joy Eckstine Redstone and Isabel McDevitt will lead the protest against this blatant discrimination — after all, drunken transients from Denver and elsewhere give Boulder, CO its ambience.

After yesterday’s post, you may be wondering what I really think about substance abuse and substance abusers. Here’s the conclusion I’ve reached: Addiction to alcohol or any other drug is a serious mental illness, so serious that the most helpless addicts — including those who are chronically homeless — should be committed to secure psychiatric facilities for an indefinite period (maybe for the rest of their lives, in some cases). Far better for everyone than letting them die, either on the streets or in Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill. One thing is certain, and that is the do-gooders running our local nonprofits don’t have any clue how to deal with addiction/addicts; ENABLING is the very last thing anyone ought to do!

Open your eyes, people . . . The bums always have money for cigarettes, booze, and dope. Why don’t we demand that they spend their disposable income (no matter how meager an amount) on life’s necessities instead? Food, clothing, hygiene products, camping gear, bus fare, etc. This is exactly what the Homeless Philosopher does, and why I have no need to patronize all of the FREE GIVEAWAY venues in Boulder. Except for my daily shower at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, where I also maintain a small locker, I never even visit the popular bum hangouts like Bridge House:

“Gimme, gimme, gimme,” say these lazy transients.

And if BSH were to close its doors today, I’d easily make other arrangements for my humble needs. BTW, I’ve donated hundreds of $$$ to BSH and its street outreach program called Boulder County Cares in the past, so I’m not a freeloader at this nonprofit. Back in KC, being penniless at that time, I volunteered full-time for an entire year at the homeless people’s day center as a way to give back to the community.

Anybody else who is homeless here could do the same as I do, and since most of them receive all of the social services support I’ve refused, they could do it more easily.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, do-gooders.


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