Occupy Sobriety


By Max R. Weller

Our mentor, Carry A. Nation

We need to take hatchets in hand — here in Boulder, CO circa 2015 — to smash the inventory of all saloons and liquor stores which continue selling beer, wine, and spirits to chronically homeless alcoholics. Additionally, we must force Boulder City Council to pass an ordinance establishing a NO SALE list to anyone who has been jailed for alcohol-related offenses or taken to detox within the past year, with appropriate penalties for greedy alcohol merchants who enable the poor souls too inebriated to exercise sound judgment and take care of themselves.

Make no mistake about it: Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill is a tool of Satan, where lost souls are encouraged to continue poisoning their bodies and minds with alcohol, even as they’re supported by  taxpayer-funded programs for the rest of their wretched lives. One has only to look at what has happened to “Doris” (NOT her real name), who was accepted into Housing First and then evicted because of alcohol-fueled misbehavior, and is now once again on the streets; she was transported by ambulance after passing out in the street right in front of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless only a few days ago. Doris has been cheated by this phony program! Likewise, everyone else who enters the facility, where a sign ought to be placed above the entrance:

It’s hard to imagine anything more deserving of our contempt than Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill (unless it’s housing registered sex offenders right next door at BSH, 4869 N. Broadway), where success is defined as continuing on the road to self-destruction, albeit with a roof over one’s head at night. During the day? Here’s what the typical HF client will be doing in public:

It’s a travesty of compassion, and an exceedingly expensive travesty at that . . .


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