Congrats to all of the 2015 Twin Peaks Charter Academy graduates who have been forgotten, and more


By Max R. Weller

I tried to find a listing by name of these young men and women online, but was unsuccessful. Suffice to say, it was their graduation as much as it was that of the individual who has become a media whore, in the company of Rep. Jared Polis from a neighboring congressional district. It’s now become a circus, serving no legitimate purpose, and at this point I don’t think any objective observer can doubt that Twin Peaks administration did the right thing on graduation night.

Read Twin Peaks’ reply to the letter they received from Rep. Polis.

BTW, Rep. Polis, it’s long overdue for you to do the right thing by your partner AND for the two babies you’ve adopted — GET MARRIED! Otherwise, you’re a complete PHONY who talks about gay rights but doesn’t walk the walk.

Jared Polis photo posted to Twitter.

Only in Boulder, CO would a clown like this get elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (he’s a closet Republican, too).

Google “Central Park Boulder, CO images” and you’ll find this:

“STP Family” — who and what were (are) they?

You can almost smell ’em . . . They resemble many of the fake homeless youngsters who continue to arrive here on a daily basis, catered to by clueless do-gooders at local shelter/services providers.

Meanwhile, some of Boulder County’s own homeless families are living in their cars, if they’re fortunate enough to still have a car. Where in blazes are our PRIORITIES?

No men’s shower at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning, due to further repairs. I trust it will be fixed by tomorrow morning. After all, at least half of us who patronize this facility like to be clean.

Tonight at my campsite: Barbecued pulled pork on saltine crackers, and Oreos for dessert.


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