I love cyclists even if they are self-centered, and more


By Max R. Weller

One of my obsessed fans, who calls himself “travispickle” (sic) and uses an image of the violent, crazed character from the movie “Taxi Driver” (portrayed by Robert De Niro) as his avatar on the Daily Camera website, attempted to reply to one of my comments there yesterday — but his comment was apparently deleted. I got it by e-mail notification, and it seemed harmless enough to me; something to the effect that I must be a hypocrite to poke fun at cyclists because I accept cash donations from them at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36. I had nothing to do with any complaint to web admins, and would have replied to him on that forum if given the chance.

The DC cyberstalker “travispickle’s” avatar.

Well, let me respond to this Froot Loop here: Cyclists RARELY donate money or granola bars or anything else of value to panhandlers, and in the five years I’ve been playing the role of humble beggar at this spot in my north Boulder neighborhood only one generous cyclist stands out in my memory. This attractive young lady stopped for the red light there, then walked her bike over to me, pulled out a $5 bill, AND ASKED ME IF I HAD CHANGE FOR IT . . . I gave her four $1 bills in return, and that seemed okay with her, so I thanked her as she went on her way.

BTW, as I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, the most generous people as a group are blue collar workers of modest means (mostly Hispanic), and spandex-clad cyclists (probably with trust funds, since they don’t have day jobs) are the least so. That’s fine; donating to the Homeless Philosopher is strictly voluntary and none of this Froot Loop’s business, in any case.

Just to aggravate “travispickle” (sic) a bit more, in one hour yesterday, between Noon and 1PM, I made $36, which might be the best I’ve ever done on a Tuesday. Not a penny came from cyclists, who are as thick as flies on a fresh cow pie at N. Broadway & U.S. 36:

Washington County (KS) News photo

Severe thunderstorms may be developing after 4PM this afternoon, but I’m prepared to crawl into my burrow with a great book — “The Boys in the Boat” — and lots of snacks for the duration of it.

See dozens of Tiny House Blogs here. An example is House for a Hobo. It won’t ever happen here in Boulder, CO — unless the trustafarians want to start building $100,000+ Tiny Houses.

I’d certainly add some chopped red and green bell peppers to this recipe, and some brown sugar to the ketchup which goes on top of the meatloaf, and I remain skeptical of how well the vital ingredient Worcestershire sauce will taste with ground turkey rather than ground beef, but here’s a recipe for Turkey Meatloaf.

That’s all for now, folks. Be back tomorrow, assuming I’m not murdered in my sleep tonight by some disturbed cretin who thinks he’s Robert De Niro.


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