Rain through the weekend, and more


By Max R. Weller

As it turns out, I did spend the last three nights indoors with friends, who often seem more concerned for my welfare than I am. I appreciate it! As I was walking across Norlin Quad just a while ago, the sun was almost breaking through the cloud cover, and I’m hoping there will be only intermittent showers this weekend. See National Weather Service forecast. My tarps are where I left them on Tuesday morning, so I’ll be able to stay reasonably dry tonight; I may just use my camping pad and pillow, instead of getting my new sleeping bag from my locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (along with a couple of “homeless disaster blankets”), because I’ll be warm enough in my winter coat with temps in the 40s. All of my outdoor gear is soaked, of course, from my ill-advised slumber in a ditch which flooded shortly after 3AM three days ago. When the sunshine returns, I’ll be able to spread everything out to dry.

 I continue to be on the lookout for the public release of Metro Denver Homeless Initiative’s 2015 Point-in-Time Reports, as worthless as they’ve become in recent years due to the serious undercounting of the homeless population. Because I don’t care to be helpful in increasing funding for our local homeless shelter/services providers, I refuse to participate in this “census” — but it is interesting to compare figures from the City of Boulder with those from the City of Longmont. Regardless of the numbers, the nonprofits will continue to seek more money from both public and private sources . . .

That’s all for now. Time to play online chess!


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