‘When it rains, it pours’ and more


By Max R. Weller

I’d thought that I was prepared for several days of rainfall here in Boulder, CO — after returning from my indoor vacation in Longmont — but I did not NOT foresee being evicted yesterday afternoon from the spot where I’ve stayed since August, 2013. I can’t complain about it; I’m informed the owner wants to sell that property now and understandably doesn’t want anyone’s camping gear left there during the day, when prospective buyers might stop by to look at this prime piece of real estate. One year and nine months is by far the longest stretch of time that I’ve camped anywhere, since moving to Boulder back in February, 2008. I’m grateful for the “wink and a nod” I receive at each new campsite, but nothing lasts forever in the homeless lifestyle.

Anyway, I decided to move for the night to a nearby ditch. It’s a shallow one, and in all the years I’ve observed rainwater drainage in my neighborhood, I’d NEVER seen this spot get wet. Well, you can probably guess what happened: I was soaked to the skin about 3:20AM as the water rose (to my chagrin), all of my outdoors gear is soaked with no chance for it to dry out today, and the forecast is NOT good temperature-wise. See: National Weather Service forecast in the Daily Camera.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to muddle through tonight with my new sleeping bag, still in my locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in case of an emergency, and a couple of wool-blend “homeless disaster blankets” from BSH as well, with my new tarp over all of it at a more secure location.

Are we headed for a repeat of the 2013 Great Flood?

Four Mile Creek underpass at N. Broadway & Rosewood in September, 2013

I neglected to publicly thank one of my friends in north Boulder, who brought me some homemade BEEF vegetable soup and Fig Newtons on Sunday afternoon during a break in the rain. In my experience, Good People like this outnumber the anonymous online cowards by 100-1, and the most generous folks in Boulder County belong to the working poor and middle class. I’ve yet to meet a wealthy do-gooder who understands what compassion truly is.

I surely do wish I could put up a tent on friends’ property, as shelter from both rain and snow, but either city bureaucrats or the neighborhood HOA involved would put the kibosh on that . . .

Wish me luck tonight and in the coming days, too!


One thought on “‘When it rains, it pours’ and more

  1. SpiffyHeart

    Good luck Max! What do most of the other homeless folks do? Surely the shelters aren’t big enough to hold everyone!


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