It’s good to have friends in the REAL WORLD!



By Max R. Weller

I returned to my north Boulder campsite yesterday morning, after more than a week holed up in Longmont with friends there. Their new home is great; I managed to read no fewer than seven books in the peace and quiet of my basement room (I also had my own shower). I can highly recommend “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” by Isabella L. Bird. I can tell you this much: Boulder’s arrogant attitude was no different in the early 1870s than it is today, according to the author — who dismisses the city in short order.

I’ve been suffering from bronchitis, which is not as bad now as it was a couple of weeks ago; this is why I’m so grateful to have gotten away from the stinking “gutter snipes” (cigarette butts picked up off the ground, then smoked by the bums), the skunk weed, and worst of all the Axe cologne/deodorant used by many homeless men in confined spaces at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless:

Cockroaches don’t stand a chance against this stuff.

A strange thing at my campsite: I found that someone had hidden about half a dozen backpacks, filled with who knows what, underneath my old tarp. I haven’t a clue who did this, but I’m guessing that all of this gear was stolen from other homeless people, bearing in mind Occam’s razor. I just threw it aside, and enjoyed a warm and dry night protected by a new tarp from Walmart in south Longmont (the one with a McDonald’s inside). This is what I mean by the knuckleheads wanting to catch others up in their wrongdoing — so if you’ve lost a backpack recently and you just happen to know the precise location of my campsite, please feel free to retrieve your property.

Nobody was on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 until the afternoon, when one of the Housing First panhandlers from 1175 Lee Hill strolled over to fly a sign. Apparently, the city police are once again confused about where the city limits end, and they’ve been telling a few panhandlers there recently that they can’t panhandle at that spot. These are folks I don’t want there, anyway, so I’m NOT inclined to help ’em out. As for me, I have to deal with this about once a year, and it’s always resolved in my favor by the higher-ups at Boulder PD. To wit, this e-mail reply I received a year ago:

Mr. Weller,
Deputy Chief Testa forwarded your complaint to me and asked that I investigate it and respond to you.  Sgt. Dowd talked with Ofc. Patterson and learned that she and her trainee did contact a male in the median near U.S. 36 and Broadway.  No summons was issued, and the mail (sic) was advised of the state law regarding standing in a median.  Ofc. Patterson received verbal counseling, reminding her to make sure that she was inside the City limits when making contacts.  Also, an e-mail was sent department wide reminding all officers to check their jurisdiction map when making contacts or conducting enforcement.  If you have any further concerns about this issue please contact me.
Thank You for your correspondence,
Commander Jack Walker

Neither Boulder County deputies nor Colorado state troopers object to panhandling per se at N. Broadway & U.S. 36, but they do address other issues which arise when certain bums get out of hand.

BTW, [Greg] Testa is now Boulder Police Chief, and he seems to be doing a good job.

Are these more warm and fuzzy Bridge House clients? See Boulder transient facing bias-motivated charge in assault on transgender man in the Daily Camera. Another clown who can’t handle his cheap liquor:

Paul Wettengel

Paul Wettengel (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

Cut the crime rate: close Bridge House. Worth repeating!

I confess that I’m uncertain about the future of this blog . . . I’ve said what I have to say about homelessness here in the Boulder Bubble, along with the incompetence and corruption of the homeless shelter/services industry, and there isn’t anything NEW to add. Lots of times, I bore myself. Your comments are welcome. I enjoy reading all of them, even if they aren’t going to be published here.


One thought on “It’s good to have friends in the REAL WORLD!

  1. Terzah

    I definitely think you should keep blogging. I think you could write more about the daily details of your life and ignore the hot air in the Camera etc. Other ideas: book reviews, accounts of adventures you had when you were a kid and when you worked with horses etc. Just my two cents.


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