Comments to my blog, from a Froot Loop


By Max R. Weller

I get quite a few of these, and most of the time I delete them so that you, my dear readers, never see them. However, the four which are copied below, all from the same individual using the same IP address here in Boulder, CO (and also the same e-mail address), are worthy of note:

The sex offender registry doesn’t accurately reflect the morals and character of the people required im dieser Vereingsten Von Amerika to be in it. You sir, are a scapegoating piece of shit. I’ve done more in the last month to improve the human condition and increase human life expectancy than your family has done in the last 10 generations. Case in point: how to cure cancer… D-limonene 55mg/lb per day, ibuprofen by the label, seconal low dose. Do that and avoid cyp3a4 inhibitors, MABs, bee stings, black widow antivenin, Guanosine Triphosphate and GTP promoters and your cancer will vanish. Call ME a scumbag to my face without a gun in your hand motherfucker.

You have no idea of what I am. This is scapegoating crap and you are a fem asshole.*

Once the Radical Feminists and victims advocates show up and start their crazy crap, you are screwed regardless. Are you a man? Are you accused? You are considered guilty. They will call you a predator and try to snowball an indecent exposure for pissing behind a dumpster into a life sentence and sexually violent predator status. Putting me on the same page and listing me as being a scumbag precident over Jim Budd is like telling a truly harmless guy who was a peeping tom decades ago that everyone should attack him and harrass him as if he were a meth-head serial rapist psycho. You’d best be sure about the people you accuse. Where is your picture.

Hi. My name is Vennie Thompson. (No “sic” as that is the correct spelling). I’ve decided that I don’t have to worry about the stupid, vicious misleading harrassing attacks against me on your page. You are just an idiot who thinks he knows it all. What amazing fascist moron!

*This comment was actually directed to my friend, R.

Vinnie Thompson panhandles on the corner of 30th Street and Valmont Road on Monday. The Boulder City Council has dropped a controversial ordinance that would have placed new limits on panhandling within the city. (Mark Leffingwell / Daily Camera)

Now, I have no way to determine if Vennie (sic) Thompson is the one who actually left the comments above on my blog — which have now been permanently deleted from the comment queue — and the Daily Camera story and photo above are from June, 2014. I suspect the IP address could be traced down to Bridge House but that would take more effort than I care to put into the matter; it’s definitely in Boulder, however.

I thought I’d let the Froot Loop speak for himself, and there are scores more like him in our fair city. Only a few are registered sex offenders, but they ALL blame others for their problems. This is what the so-called homeless advocates teach them to do — it’s all the fault of the SYSTEM oppressing them.

Along with the Homeless Philosopher, of course, who shouldn’t be kicking over rocks and reporting on what scurries out from hiding.

BTW, I think passersby should see to it that Vennie (sic) Thompson receives lots of granola bars, but NO CASH.


2 thoughts on “Comments to my blog, from a Froot Loop

  1. SpiffyHeart

    Max, I do know a homeless man who was sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in his car (we used to park our camper in the Walmart lots who advertise in camping world magazine) he was peeing in a bottle in his car, when a woman saw him. She called the police, and he’s on record now,,,for the rest of his life….as a sex offender. No that’s not right either!

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Mr. Thompson’s conviction was for Third Degree Sexual Assault, meaning that he was in contact with the victim. It’s a Felony Sex Crime, not an innocent mistake.


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