Suspect in Eben G. Fine stabbing arrested, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read the update in the Daily Camera, and maybe you can figure out if one or more of the people involved in this violent incident are homeless/transient: Boulder police arrest suspect in stabbing at Eben G. Fine Park. The politically-correct tone used by Mitchell Byars, DC staff writer, has me scratching my head . . .*

Stephen Lee Cooper III (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

My bet is that ALL of ’em are bums and substance abusers. And I’ll also bet that they have patronized Bridge House and all of the other Free Giveaway venues run by the local do-gooders.

Meme of the day (from a Facebook photo by Jim Budd circa 2009):


Joy Eckstine Redstone

My goodness, I saw some sad faces inside Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning! The saddest belonged to able-bodied young men who will no longer be pampered, now that emergency overnight sheltering is ended, and they must learn to live outdoors like Real Homeless People. You know, if I were one of ’em, I’d work at Labor Ready and camp out legally in a nearby National Forest. That might be a bit of an adventure — instead of shuffling from one government agency or private nonprofit to another.

BTW, there was no hot breakfast at BSH this morning (cold cereal is the norm during the summer season). I had to laugh when I saw one of the Joybots, who walks better than I do but uses a walker to gain sympathy, with plate in hand in the serving line where nothing was available. He looked like he’d lost everything worth living for, but it was only scrambled eggs and pancakes. Pitiful, just pitiful . . .

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the weekend!

*In fact, the Boulder County Jail listing shows “Cooper III, Stephen L” as “Homeless”.


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